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On the Eve of Initiation

On the Eve of Initiation




As I get ready to become a fully initiated, real life, Chi Omega, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what the past two months have been like for me as a new member. Joining Greek Life at Loyola was not something that I had ever really intended to do. As I talked about in my post “Going Greek” which was all about the recruitment process and picking my chapter,  I was not completely on board with the whole idea of sororities when I first signed up for recruitment. Through the recruitment process though, I found that I was at home with the beautiful women of Chi Omega.

Joining a sorority isn’t just about the recruitment process though. Becoming a member of Chi Omega, or any sorority or fraternity on campus is a life changing process that goes way past the excitement of bid day.

Once you get over adrenaline of bid day, you have to get down to the reality of sorority life, which is a huge commitment. You now have to learn about not only being a sorority woman but also how your chapter works and what commitments you have to uphold as a new member. This of course can seem daunting, you’ve just met one hundred plus new people and can’t tell up from down, and now you have to set aside a huge part of your time for your chapter. Don’t worry though, because everyone that you just met is either going through this process with you or has done it themselves.

Soon you’ll be getting your Big and joining an amazing greek family, these girls will become your home and your rock in the face of anything and everything. Then slowly and without even noticing it you’ll start to find that the women who were strangers a few weeks ago, are now quickly becoming your best friends.

Attending mixers, formals, and any other social events is different as a sorority woman. Not only do your sisters hold you to a higher standard but so does the world. You will learn that you set the example for how people will view your sorority and sororities as a whole. But don’t forget to have fun.

You’ll make mistakes, and it will be okay. You’ll feel lost at times, but your sisters will be there to help you. You’ll be overwhelmed… a lot, but your sister will help you find your balance. And soon it’ll be initiation weekend and you’ll find that you yourself have changed. You have grown as a person and you have found a group of women who you know will be there for you for years and years to come.

There is an amazing group of women waiting to welcome you into their world, no matter which chapter you choose. So as you start to think about joining Greek Life at Loyola, consider this.


Finally I Have Brothers!

Finally I Have Brothers!

Growing up I always wanted a brother.  When I came to Loyola I simply wanted to avoid Greek life. There was something about that just didn’t seem right for me  me.

Now, I realize that joining Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is quickly becoming one of the best decisions of my life.

Let me start by saying that APO is not the normal fraternity, not only do we not associate ourselves with any type of party scene but we are based around the idea of service. It is this idea that bonds the brothers and makes being part of APO so amazing. It was a fraternity based on Boy Scouts.

Last night I was finally initiated into this fraternity after a semester of pledging; never in my life have I felt so comfortable in a room of so many different people. I knew that every person in the room was there for me as I was there for them. From the wiffle ball tournament last weekend to volunteering at Snoozeum, the experience has been nothing less than amazing. I mean, seriously, what is cooler than playing in the Museum of Science and Industry after hours with all of your closest friends?

Also I should mention that APO is co-ed. Yes, I know, its not a real fraternity than right? Well this fraternity is based around the idea of brotherhood, regardless of the make-up it’s members. Personally, I would consider my new brothers closer to me than most of my family. After pledging for the last three months I have nothing but amazing memories, great stories and unbelievable friends to talk about.

So yes, I may have come to Loyola thinking that fraternities are horrible but the fact is that Loyola is so diverse that you never really know what you are going to find. And if you don’t find anything,  you are clearly not looking.