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Where To Turn When Facing Danger

Where To Turn When Facing Danger

Spring Hill Hall 2016


The last few weeks have left many fearful, outraged and confused of their future and their safety as a consequence of the presidential election. Loyola does not tolerate hate in any form on its campuses and all instances should be reported to Campus Safety immediately. Over the weekend, sometime overnight between February 4 and 5, the Loyola Community has been made aware of the hate speech graffiti that was left near the door of a student’s room in Spring Hill Hall on the Lake Shore Campus.

What is Xenophobia? Xenophobia is the intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. It is important to keep in mind that Xenophobia or any other forms of discrimination are not allowed in the Loyola community. Loyola’s commitment to diversity is a key value that provides a home for all faiths and welcome every person as a reflection of god. We should embrace and learn from those of a different background than us. It can be scary knowing where we have arrived in the political world, but as people, we should reflect the good values and look upon the greatness of others. Our focus is to ensure the protection of our fellow colleagues and faculty members by standing in solidarity and advocating for a peaceful society that we are called to build upon.

In the case where you feel like you have become the target of a hate crime or any other sort of discrimination/danger, please notify Campus Safety immediately. I can’t emphasis this enough because our lives can be put in danger any second, and it is important that we are vocal about the issues and stay strong as a community.

In the event of an emergency, immediate notification to the Department of Campus Safety is essential to ensure the timely response of emergency personnel.

Campus Safety Dispatcher (Monitored 24/7/365)

City of Chicago Emergency

Campus Safety Fax:


Ask a non-emergency safety question:

Parking Office:

Escort Service:
773.508.RIDE (7433)


Shuttle Bus Schedule:

Bike Corral:


Here’s to Hoping for Spring 2016

Here’s to Hoping for Spring 2016


We’re only one week into a new semester and already things seem to be back to normal on campus. There are plenty of students in the IC on a Sunday afternoon, the downtown campus shuttle is always full, and the Damen Student Center has been busy with student organization meetings all week. At first glance it looks about the same as any other semester, but Spring 2016 has us all in very different places.

The freshmen are starting to find their feet and feel comfortable on campus. The sophomores are embracing their last year of underclassman-ship and are (hopefully) settling on a major. The juniors are buckling down to await senior year with joy, relief, and perhaps a little bit of fear. And the seniors are battling “senioritis” while making sure they pass their classes, make plans for post-graduation, and enjoy their last semester of their undergraduate careers.

So, here we are. Each of us looking at Spring 2016 from different perspectives and all pushing ahead hoping for similar things.

I hope that as we tackle this semester from our different walks of life we find time to enjoy each other and be grateful for our experiences. I hope we find time for weekend naps and coffee shop dates. I hope we get involved on campus and befriend students different from ourselves. I hope we get the grades we want and have a chance to leave this campus better than we found it. I hope we explore Chicago and reach out to our community. I hope that our professors cancel a class or two so that we can sleep in and I hope it doesn’t feel like winter until May. I hope that we find peace in our differences and that the Spring 2016 semester treats us all well.

Let’s see where this one takes us, Ramblers.



Defining Different Types of College Visits: Which visit is right for you?

Defining Different Types of College Visits: Which visit is right for you?


Enjoy your Campus Visit

30 Reasons Why We LOVE Loyola

30 Reasons Why We LOVE Loyola


With Valentine’s Day approaching and everyone talking about love, it only seemed appropriate to talk about what Loyola staff and current students have to say about their relationship with Loyola.

Here are 30 reasons staff and students love Loyola:

  1. The ability to go abroad to the Rome center. – Ellen
  2. The incorporation of social justice into academics. – Judy Kyrkos
  3. The small campus feel with access to the city. – Lexy Rux
  4. Being in Chicago. – Maggie
  5. The small class sizes; it really feels like you get one-on-one time with the professors. – Patrick
  6. Being on a beautiful campus with access to downtown. – Adam Buller
  7. Living in Mertz and the chicken tenders from Damen Dining Hall. – Katie
  8. The sense of community. – Ricky Mott
  9. The beautiful campus and social justice focus in all of my classes. – Kara
  10. The small campus feel. – Shaniqua
  11. How the core classes make us a well-rounded person. – Elise
  12. How self-aware the student body is. I’ve never encountered an impolite person on campus. – John
  13. The community feel, size of campus, friendly/welcoming environment, and small class size. – Christy Vargas
  14. How there are Vegan and gluten-free options in the dining halls. – Sarah
  15. Dynamics of taking class on the lake shore campus and downtown. It’s nice to experience the best of both worlds. – Claire
  16. Class sizes, pretty campus, and nice/passionate professors. – Carlee
  17. Diverse community. – Samantha
  18. Friendly environment on campus. – Brittney
  19. Approachable teachers who seem to enjoy their jobs and always want to help you do your best. – Gabby
  20. The view of the lake. – Shannon
  21. I feel safe on campus. – Adrian
  22. Loyola has always given me the opportunity to succeed. – Aaron Brunmeier
  23. The architecture of campus. – Brian
  24. The sense of community. – Aliyah Jervier
  25. I love that Loyola offers something for anyone and everyone who attends so that they can be a part of something and feel included. – Hiba Abbas
  26. I LOVE that every time I step outside and see our beautiful campus I get excited for my day no matter how stressful it is. – Lucy Mooney
  27. I love that Loyola has so many things to offer to their students. Whether it be information on study abroad, fairs talking about feminism, or tutoring for certain classes, Loyola does an amazing job providing us with tools for success. I think that since there are so many resources offered, any type of student can feel like this school is a perfect fit for them. – Katherine Weir
  28. Loyola fosters education both inside and outside the classroom enabling YOU to grow immensely. Upon graduating from Loyola in the spring of 2015, Loyola has taught me that the aim of my education is not the facts, but rather of values. –Joe Sadofsky
  29. How connected students are to the Loyola community. – Callie Short
  30. How Loyola shares the same values as myself. – Alyson Crutchfield

Happy Valentine’s Day from Loyola University Chicago!

The Countdown Begins

The Countdown Begins

It is near the end of the second week of my last semester at Loyola University Chicago. As I get up every morning to start my day, I always ask myself,

Where has the time gone?

Four years truly flies by at a blink of an eye. Along with finishing up what is required of me academically at Loyola, reflecting on the impact this university has made on me has been very humbling.

One aspect of my Loyola experience that I will always be grateful for is my leadership development.

As a freshman mentee in the STARS program through the Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, I, along with my first-year cohorts, attended a workshop facilitated by Student Leadership Development on evaluating our leadership styles.

The questions that encouraged looking into ourselves, how we work best with other people and independently, and how we can hone in on our leadership strengths helped me realize over my time at Loyola how much leadership ties into building and maintaining understanding, as well as community.

Both aspects have been and still are important to me with what I am involved in on campus, and I seek to encourage the students that are younger than me to consider the same as they embark on their own Loyola journey.

Choosing the Right City

Choosing the Right City

Throughout the travel season, I’ve noticed that quite a few students are applying to a wide array of schools. Applying to many schools can be a good way to keep your options open, but it can also be quite time consuming. I would recommend narrowing the list to save your self some time (and money if there are application fees, which Loyola does NOT have). One of the easiest ways to shorten the list, spend some time considering the city your school is located in and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

Some things to consider about cities:

  • Distance- Is it the right distance from home? Are you looking to stay close by or do you want to move further away to get a new experience? What forms of transportation can you take to get back & forth? Will you be able to afford to commute home easily for holidays?
  • Weather/Climate- Are you looking for a city with all 4 seasons or just 1? Do you want a snowy winter? Do you want to be near a beach? (Loyola offers both of those options!)

  • Rural Life Vs. City Life- Are you looking to study in a small, rural town or do you want to experience fast-pace, city life? Are you looking for a quiet environment or are you okay with a little city noise?
  • Transit- Will you be able to easily commute to grocery stores, restaurants, etc? Do you need a car? How does parking work on campus? Can you rely on public transit to get around? Or is everything within walking distance? (At Loyola you can always rely on the CTA, Chicago Transit Authority, to get you around the city at no cost with your U-Pass!)
  • Diversity- How diverse is the campus & the neighborhood? Will you get a different experience from your hometown? What opportunities are there to explore different cultures, beliefs, etc.? (Loyola is in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, Rogers Park.)
  • Internship/Job Opportunities- Are there businesses nearby who will provide internship opportunities? How far will you have to commute for work? How far are you willing to commute for an internship or job? (Being in Chicago, Loyola is very close in proximity to uncountable internship & experiential learning opportunities.)

There’s no right or wrong answer to the questions listed above, they’re all things you need to consider and answer honestly for yourself when deciding if a college or city is a good fit for you.

Good Luck!

Game of Change

Game of Change

While I usually talk about what is going on at Loyola and ways of improving your Loyola experience, this time I would like to address a more important topic. Loyola prides itself on diversity and in 1963 we proved to the world that we live up to our words.

50 years ago Loyola University became the first team to start 4 African-Americans on its starting line up for NCAA Men’s Basketball, many people had problems with the act but few responded.

The team started the year ranked 3rd in the nation and went on to remain undefeated at home and made it to the NCAA Tournament. It was what happened here that has forever changed the sport of basketball.

The Ramblers started their push with a record setting victory over Tennessee Tech winning 111-42 in the first round of the tournament. This still remains the largest margin of victory in any NCAA D1 game.

They then were scheduled to face the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the Sweet Sixteen. Due to the fact that we had African-American starters the Governor of Mississippi bared the team from leaving the state and refused to allow them to play us. After much debate the team was snuck out of the state to play and Loyola eventually ended up winning what is now know as the Game of Change.

That year not only did our Loyola Ramblers changed basketball and we must thank the Bulldogs for helping us in our endeavor of changing the game but we went on to win the National Championship and showed the world what it means to be Rambler Proud.

Being the 50th Anniversary of that year this year has much in store with a fully rebuilt team and program ready to strike at the Nation once again.