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Pre Med Biology Major

Pre Med Biology Major


Upon talking to a lot of administrators, staff, and advisers, it is very popular that students start off as being a biology major and on the pre-medical track. I can vouch for that- I am trying to be the same.

It is understandable that most students would initially assume that Biology is the entire ‘jist’ of what medicine is all about. Throughout elementary and high school life, Biology has been the topic where most things health-related are found in.

One thing I am trying to do is explore other majors and minors that be of more interest. Biology is a lot to take in; for me, there is a tremendous amount of conceptual thinking. I am more of a visual learner, so it is harder to put a biological picture in my head, especially at the molecular/cellular level. Although biology can be challenging, I am still very interested in subject because I gain a better understand of mother nature and why things happen- ecologically, anatomically, conceptually, etc. It’s really satisfying when you get the ‘ah ha!’ moment!

Anyways, it is common that students have their ‘epiphany’ moment for a desire to do a different major or minor, especially at the freshman or sophomore level when they take the introductory classes; it is completely natural. From there, they get a better idea of what they want to further study.