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A Short Ramble (no pun intended)

A Short Ramble (no pun intended)


35 days until Graduation Day, but no one is counting.  Wow, Class of 2015, we did it!  Guys, it is so hard to not make this a mushy post.  I really don’t want to, but I might have to.  The other day, as I was walking to my Tu/Thur 10 am class, I ran into an old friend who was just leaving Biochemistry class.  I spoke to her briefly and we caught up on our plans.

She asked me why I was not pre-medicine anymore, and I told her my interest in pursuing a graduate degree in something else.  She has always been so sweet and when I found out that she was still pre-med, I was so excited!  She has worked so hard and has gotten exceptional grades.  You want to know how?  She did not have to tell me for me to realize her smart techniques!  I know she tried very hard in each class, but she always…ALWAYS…made study groups.

If you are new to Loyola, or if you are already a Rambler, listen carefully: make study groups.  Besides the fact that it is much more fun (avoid going with your best friends because you will just end up having rap battles – true story), it is very helpful!  I am not sure why this makes us remember information better.  Perhaps because we are making connections between the time when Amanda sneezed while she was explaining the Krebs cycle?  (What is this: true story #2?)  All I know is that this is how I made many of my friends, as well!

I am going to get mushy, now.  When my friend told me that she was studying every day for the MCAT, it made me feel so proud and happy about being a Rambler.  I did feel sympathy because I remember studying for the MCAT, but the sole fact that she was studying was what made me happy.  I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to study in such a prestigious University; nonetheless, the people here are beyond smart and helpful.  My peers are amazing people and it is such a great feeling to share a passion for education with all of these people.

If you are debating between which university to attend, let me give you a hint: pick Loyola.  You will not be disappointed! 🙂

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Loyola’s recent PhD graduate…

Loyola’s recent PhD graduate…

Have you met Dr. Binaku?

Katrina Binaku, also known as Dr. Binaku, graduated last spring from Loyola University Chicago and received her PhD in Chemistry.  She was my General Chemistry Teacher Assistant freshman year.  She was always very helpful and nice, and I was lucky enough to bump into her last week.  She told me about her dissertation and work experience at Loyola, but was very relieved to be done.  A PhD, the highest degree awarded by a graduate school, is not an easy breeze.  Through her experience and her research at Loyola, she had to spend endless evenings and nights running experiments that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.  Chemistry is a lot of trial and error, and while it may be frustrating, Dr. Binaku expressed how rewarding it is!

As an undergraduate student she worked in industry, but decided on Loyola’s graduate program and worked alongside Dr. Shmeling, a Loyola professor.  Therefore, it comes to no surprise that she joined the Loyola team and is now a laboratory instructor for all the freshman laboratories.  Her smile and amazing personality make her an outstanding instructor, and I’m so glad to have witnessed her growth from a graduate student to a professional instructor.  I am sure you will see more of Dr. Binaku and her future research.  Keep an eye out…