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Loyola lets you do AWESOME things:

Loyola lets you do AWESOME things:


As a Sophomore at Loyola, I had the opportunity to take the EXCM 101: Introduction to Exercise Physiology course as did many others. This introductory exercise science class is a service learning course that connects Loyola students with Chicago Public Schools’ physical education and health teachers. It has been a great experience to observe and work with children who go to underfunded schools and don’t have as many resources as do private schools. It was nice to help out these teachers and also gain a learning experience.

Each student in the introductory class is assigned to a local CPS school and have different tasks depending on what their interest is. These activities and lessons are focused on fitness and health. I volunteered in a health class from grades K-5, but others have volunteered with after school sports programs, recess, or helped during physical education class.

It was nice to see a wide range of ages. The lessons I observed and assisted with was based on sex education, so younger students learned about good touching vs. bad touching, whereas the older they got, they learned about puberty, how the body works, male and female body parts, etc. Of course the reactions were priceless, but it is so important that these children are exposed to this information because they become aware of these important aspects at an early age and know what to do depending on what situation they can potentially be placed in.

Loyola students are helping CPS with the LearnWELL Initiative which promotes physical activity and healthy eating choices in school. Doing so allows Loyola students to fulfill their service learning hours which is a requirement by the University. it is easily done and also helps the school meet their students’ needs.

“It does vary,” said Karen Berg, director of clinical placements and experiential learning at the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing. “At some schools, we are supporting after school sports because that’s really the best fit for Loyola students to be volunteering. In others, we’re in the classroom supporting the health education teachers. We’re supporting PE instructors, and we’re also supporting recess. It really is identified by the school themselves—they’re identifying what is best for them.”

Stephanie Wilson, director of the Exercise Science Program says “They truly find it rewarding. These children really count on the Loyola students to show up. They almost look for these students on the day and the time that they’re supposed to come. I think our students recognize that and are confident and proud in the end that they have given something back to the community.”

These are the little things that go so far in our community. Loyola has done a great job in connecting with the community and offering a helping hand. It allows students’ to step out of their comfort zone sometimes and be able to have a hands on experience. This exercise science course has allowed Loyola students to have the chance to give something back and also gain insight for future plannings.

Intramural Soccer

Intramural Soccer


I’ve always played varsity soccer during my high school career.  Even though, I would’ve loved to play for a D1, even a D2 school, I knew the time and dedication wouldn’t work out with the major I wanted to pursuit.

So, when I found out that there was an option to play intramural soccer without traveling (like club soccer), I knew I had to play.  You only need a team captain and enough players!  If you don’t have a team you can still sign up as a free lancer and they’ll make sure you have a team.

Even better, there’s flexibility about when and what time you want to play!  Overall, I have had a great experience playing coed intramural soccer these past few years.  I met great people and got to play the sport I’ve always loved!  I became very close with my team players and although they have graduated, we still remain in contact.

Intramural soccer is very laid back, it lasts about 4 weeks with the possibility of going to playoffs.  This is a great alternative if you want to stay fit and play for fun without wasting too much time traveling!

This semester’s intramural soccer sign up deadline has ended, but keep a look out for spring’s semester’s deadline!  Click the link to stay up to date.