Author: Stephanie Rodriguez

Hello, my name is Stephanie Rodriguez and I am currently a senior at Loyola. I am a biochemistry major. I work in Rehabilitation/Living Facility as a nursing assistant and I’ve been doing this for five years now. During my free time I enjoy reading Sci-Fi, working out, playing the guitar and soccer. Check out my blog to learn more about students’ everyday lives at Loyola. Get a little more insight on what it’s like to be a Rambler!



I believe that by now everyone accepts and understands my fitness posts.  (Yes, you guessed it – here’s another one).  However, in this blog post, I want to talk about a topic that I had not heard about before.

So, Mary, one of my good friends and Halas fitness instructor had previously posted on Facebook a beautiful picture of herself in workout gear.  This picture looked like it was professionally taken.  I creeped on her profile until I realized that she was a member of “CHAARG.”

I was so confused because I was so used to her talking about “Booty Lift,” “Turbo Kick,” “Beachbody,” “21 Day Fix,” “Shakeology,” etc.  So, I shot her a text and asked her what it was.

I was very interested when I found out, so I had to Google it!  What intrigued me the most was the motto: “CHAARG has been liberating girls from the elliptical since 2012.”  I knew that these girls had the same mind set as I did!  I am all for #lifting, #girlswholift, #swolenation (haha), #butreally.  Besides the fact that I have lost the most weight by incorporating dumbbells into my workouts, I had to say that this program was so right.

I love lifting and doing plyo workouts; I’m a fanatic of intense workouts, but I also love running.  However, through out my years at Loyola, I have found out through my peers that there is more to losing weight and being healthy + fit.  Weight lifting and alternating workouts ASIDE from the elliptical will get you ultimate results.  Besides, you will feel strong. REALLY STRONG.

Mary is working on starting a chapter at Loyola University!  This is so exciting because this movement has just started and is active in 17 universities in the U.S. , let’s make it 18!?

I enjoy talking about this because I love living a healthy lifestyle.  I do binge on certain occasions and some of my friends follow the 80 and 20 diet.  80% healthy foods and 20% of whatever they want.  So, if this is motivating then my purpose for this post is fulfilled.

You know you’re body and you have your own definition of fun, but most importantly what will work for your body.  CHAARG is just that. Check it out!

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias at Loyola!

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias at Loyola!


Saturday night was epic.  I mean I’m a girl that always cracks up jokes, even when I’m the only laughing time after time.  So for me to see Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias live was beyond perfect!  I am so glad that my boyfriend talked me into buying tickets!  After a crappy week of feeling super sick it was nice to feel better and laugh my tears out!

Before the show started there were already many, many people lined up at the entrance of the doors.  It was worth the cold wait, as we were not too far behind!  We were able to get floor seat, but TO MY LUCK I sat next to a tall person (I’m only 4’11).  Even though, I couldn’t get a direct view of Fluffy, I was still able to see him perform via the screens.

His friend and the famous “Maaaaaartin” kicked off the show!  Following him were two other comedians until Fluffy came out.  I cannot express how funny he was!  At one point my boyfriend was in tears.  Unfortunately, we were refrained from taking pictures and/or videos.

My favorite part was when one student “booed” Fluffy when he stated that hybrids were a good example of doing “good to nature.”  Fluffy just said “Oh, really?” and went through an entire joke to shut him up.  He picked on him for the rest of the night.  Actually, I do not think that he ever got to the hybrid joke because he trailed off saying other ones.

He truly is a stand up comedian because he would just start talking about anything and everything.  His jokes were effortlessly!  Fluffy went an hour past what he said he was going to perform.  At one point he was so fed up with the time he unplugged the timer!

He ended the show with old, classic jokes.  He did say that he didn’t like to repeat old material, but everyone was chanting out that they wanted the old jokes!  He sighed and said: “Fine, y’all better still laugh, though!”  Once he started it seemed like a unified chorus.  Everyone knew what he was going to say, and it was so funny!

I am so happy that Loyola brought him to Colossus 2015! The DOP staff at Loyola did a great job; it was such an organized event. I had SO much fun!  I cannot wait to see him again.

“Frankie, where’s ma?”

Supporting Special Olympics

Supporting Special Olympics


I absolutely love the placing of Damen.  It was my lifesaver during winter when I needed to catch the L.  Its placement is perfect, and it allowed me to stop for a coffee during those chilly, chilly days! I do have to admit that sometimes I try to avoid all of the people by the desk, who are trying to stop you, for the merely reason that we can all be a little socially awkward.

Sometimes the guy handing out stuff is way too cute, but I am having one of those bad hair days, didn’t do my nails, raccoon and baggy eyes day.  So, yes, forgive me, but I will avoid eye contact and walk past you.  However, on most occasions, I still take the time to talk and receive whatever they are handing out!  This past week, I am so glad that I did just that.

They used a medal to catch my attention and it did because it definitely made me stop.  ASA is hosting a Ladybug Olympics to support Special Olympics.  I thought this was very thoughtful and original.  I enjoy seeing how active the sororities are with their philanthropies!  I wish I had a team to participate, so if anyone is up for it, I would love to be part of a team!  The event is on March 20th at 4:30 P.M.  It is a volleyball tournament with games, prizes and food! If you want to make a team email: for info.

Fellowship – what is it?

Fellowship – what is it?

I am here to tell you a little bit more about what a fellowship is because frankly, I would have liked to read or find out what it entailed.  I first heard about a fellowship when I watched “The Imitation Game.”  Yes, the movie.  I know it just came out, but it wasn’t until this movie that the word “fellowship” really intrigued me.
According to the University of Berkley a fellowship is:

– are short-term opportunities lasting from a few months to several years
– focus on the professional development of the fellow
– are sponsored by a specific association or organization seeking to expand leadership in their field

Think of it as an internship, except you get paid and you get a stipend depending how long the program is.  You have the support of all the academic professors and it looks great in your resume.  The numbers of fellowships are increasing, so there is so much money out there which can be invested in your area of study! I share this with you because I think it is important for everyone to have a little knowledge on some great opportunities that are out there.  If there is one thing that I have learned is to not leave anything until the last minute.  Always be prepared.

As we approach Easter Break, I am really looking forward to get back on track with my planning.  I do not want to record a step  by step game plan because truthfully, they never go as planned.  What I want is to just have a general idea about my options. I am just grateful that I will be graduating, and I have so many choices as to what I can do after college.  This is the beauty about having an bachelor’s degree from such a great school!


A Few Words Before School Starts, again…

A Few Words Before School Starts, again…

I am at Starbucks trying to figure out what is next?!  There are so many degrees that I can pursue after graduation, but how do I know which one is the right one for me?  I have been trying to keep myself busy by applying to internships.  I think that this is the best way to find out what is for you and what is not.  There are so many questions marks on top of my head right now.  There are so many arrows pointing to different paths, schools, and majors.  However, I think that we all have one area of understanding after Loyola: what it is that we love.

My best friend added an English major to her Biology major because she knew that English is what she loved.  I could not be more proud of her for deciding to stay another year and pursue what she truly enjoys!  In my case, I have always loved two things: science and health care.  This makes me feel a lot better because I know that whatever I choose to pursue my graduate career in has to include one or the other, or maybe both!  What I did not realize is that there are so many majors out there that I can choose from!

Currently, I am in the search for the right one.  I will apply to various ones in hopes of getting accepted into one.  However, what if this doesn’t work?  Do not worry because there is always a plan B.  Yes, after college you have a degree and this is very marketable!  You can get so many different jobs after college.  You will not be making a lot of money, but you will have a sustainable job.  This is my Plan B.  Luckily, my major has many career opportunities after college, and I am willing to take advantage of it if I do not get accepted the first time around.

Brush off the insecurities because there is always something for you.  Patience is key, and I have learned this the hard way!  However, if it is something you love, you must sacrifice and look past all of your friends that are already making money and give it time; your time will come, too. 🙂 Till next time!


Beneficial Bulletin Boards

Beneficial Bulletin Boards

The other week, I met with my professor to go over some exam questions.  I got to LSB super early because it was super cold that day and you know that the CTA loves to delay the brown line for whatever reason.  I, literally, ran to her office only to find out that our meeting was scheduled at 9:30, and I had arrived a half hour too soon.  I told her I would come back, so I started walking around the first floor in LSB, took out my planner and pen, and started my routine.

My routine consists of solely walking around LSB, Flanner, Cudahy, etc and reading the bulletin boards that are filled with flyers.  This is my way of staying engaged with everything that is going on around me!  I am not going to lie, sometimes I am so exhausted to read all of my forty emails; unfortunately, some of the ones I delete are on-campus activities!  However, I feel that I make up for this when I am on campus reading all of these flyers.

This is how I found about all of the graduate programs that I am applying to, and how I learned about some Kaplan MCAT courses that I took last year.  I know that I talked about keeping an open eye whenever you’re around campus.  This is one of the reasons why!  It can be so beneficial in the long run.  Take the time and look around.  Read the flyers because you never know what you can find out!

Loyola’s Phoenix Newspaper

Loyola’s Phoenix Newspaper


I am going to take the time to talk about the Loyola’s Phoenix Newspaper because come on, everyone reads it…right?  Well, honestly, I never read it religiously.  In fact, it took two whole years during my undergraduate career to actually get into the habit of reading it.  Now as a senior, I find myself reading it more and more.  What is the reason behind this?  Who knows!  Could it be nostalgia that I will never walk around campus, as an undergraduate, and snatching a newspaper from the stand, again?  Or could it be that different things interest me more now than before?

Nonetheless, I was reading this week’s newspaper on the train.  I was so intrigued by the front cover; I mean it is Rahm Emmanuel on the cover.  This reminded me of one of our most important rights: Freedom of Speech.  Many of the editors choose to talk about things that may be sensible to others, ut they still do it.  This makes me very proud that we are able to voice our opinions and bring up subjects that other schools would find “offensive.”  This really lets us practice our Freedom of Speech.

I remember picking up the newspaper for the first time and thinking that I was going to read sugarcoated stories.  Also, I thought that I would be reading a story about Loyola page after page.  In contrast, it provided essential topics that can be found in the news or in any other local newspaper.  The only difference is that the editors are our fellows Ramblers.  I find this inspiring, don’t you?  I believe that we are rising, and I am thankful that Loyola allows such topics to be discussed.  I believe that this is the only way to grow; perhaps, this is why I found myself picking up the newspaper more often.  Try it.  Perhaps you will agree, disagree, or laugh at some of the stories.  After all, you do not have anything to lose.  Let’s gain some insight together!

Chapel Hill Memoir

Chapel Hill Memoir

On the night of February 10th, I remember being home relaxing after a long day of class and internship work.  Usually, I get home about 7 in the afternoon and that day was nothing new.  I was debating whether or not to go to the gym or finish my Biochemistry laboratory paper.  Well, I ended up doing both.  I have usually been going to bed around 12 at night, since I spend a good amount of time cooking and prepping my food for the next day.  That Tuesday was not any different and neither was my “check every social media ritual.”  I went on Facebook, but I did not read anything interest.  Instagram? nothing.  Pinterest?  I didn’t even try because I get too hungry.  Snapchat?  I didn’t feel like looking at so many pictures and videos.

When I went on Twitter, I read the first retweet about the #ChapelHillShooting.  At first, I figured it was an old incident, but when I clicked on the attached link, I noticed that it had happened that same night.  Honestly, I was expecting there to be a bigger hype about it.  There are so many discussions that can arise from this tragic.  However, this is not the purpose of this blog because all I want is there to be a mutual understanding that: this was and is important.  Additionally, I am writing this blog because I want to share with you how the Loyola community dealt with it.

There are times in which we get so carried away with all the daily activities of our lives.  This happens to me constantly, especially when I am walking around campus.  I have to rush to class.  I need to print this.  The line is so long.  I need coffee.  I forgot the moonlighting enzyme in the paper.  I knew the answer to that last question.  Did I eat today?  All of these thoughts go on in our heads and sometimes we do not stop to look around us and appreciate what is around us.  I get it.  It happens and this is fine.  However, there are situation, like this one, that make me realize how amazing the Loyola community is.   Unfortunately, in this case it had to be a tragic event, but nonetheless, it made me proud of all of these people who took the time to gather around and pay their respects to the victims.

There were people of other religions around the small and empowering memoir.  There were so many people who passed it and just stared in silence.  I believe that these are incidents that bring people closer.  Many people did not know what had happened and this memoir led them to research on their own.  I just want to put in my two cents about this incident.  I want those to know that the Loyola community is free of bigotry and we support each other like if we were our own.  If you didn’t know, now you know.  Take the time to free your mind and take a look around campus.  There is always something to be proud of, big or small.


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The Golden Key Induction Ceremony

The Golden Key Induction Ceremony


Due to the 19 inches of snow that we got two weeks ago, The Golden Key Induction Ceremony has been postponed.

The Golden Key Induction Ceremony will be on:

Feb 22 at 1:00pm in the Crown Auditorium

It will bring recognition to our new members, and we will be introducing service involvement activities during the event. Our keynote speaker is a Loyola Alumnus, Damian Valencia, who is currently at Loyola Stritch Med school.  Golden key is dedicated on recognizing students’ academic excellence and commitment to leadership, so they may realize their impact on the world.  Membership applies to the top 15% of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors.

If you are not a part of Golden Key, and you are on the top 15% at Loyola, you should consider becoming a member.  My friend, Christine Danka, is a board member and they will have food that day; so, please stop by and congratulate all of the new members!  This is a great opportunity, and it will definitely look amazing in resumes.

Dr. John Donoghue and Pirates

Dr. John Donoghue and Pirates


It was junior year, and I knew that I had to finish my History requirements.  Honestly, it was my least favorite subject in high school, and I was really dreading on taking more History courses in college.  However, to my luck I chose one of the best professors I have had in my undergraduate career.  His name is Dr. John Donoghue!  I remember this being one of my favorite classes, ever.  I did struggle a little bit on organizing events and memorizing them, but he did help me a lot.  I can say that he made me realize how important it is to know our history;  It just makes us much credible and it helps us value our every day history events.

I remember him talking about pirates, a lot.  Even though we did not get to touch base on them as much as I would have hoped he did, he did state that he was writing a book on them.  I was so excited to see all of these flyers around Loyola University that stated that he would be talking about Rough Justice under the Jolly Roger: Pirates of the Caribbean and the Court of “King Death.”  This is taking place, TODAY:

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Reception at 5:00 p.m.
Program at 6:00 p.m.

Klarchek Information Commons,
4th Floor
Lake Shore Campus
6501 N. Kenmore Ave

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend because I have my biochemistry lab, but I encourage all of my last minute people to go.  Whether you are just getting out of halas or you want to know a little more about pirates (no, Johny Depp, ladies – sorry!), please stop by!  I am sure that the program will be anything less than wonderful.  He has a way of keeping you engaged, and this is why I always sat on the front row of his class because his way of reciting past history is amazing.

“While pirates, the iconic outlaws of the silver screen, have long sustained the American dream of living dangerously, the real history of piracy reveals something even more intriguing – that far from losing themselves in a life of lawlessness, pirates created an alternative system of law and order, what they called ‘the government of the ship,’ to deliver rough and ready justice to the enemies of all ‘men of spirit.’” – John Donoghue