Experience with Achieving College Excellence

Experience with Achieving College Excellence

I am a proud first-generation student which qualifies me as an Achieving College Excellence (ACE) scholar.

ACE is a government funded program striving to provide resources for students who identify as first generation, low income and/or have a disability. I took advantage of their resources like tutoring, academic advisors, and graduate school career coaching.

The program holds a special place in my heart, where I feel like I belong. My friends are people on campus who can relate to my financial situation, my family, and my values. The staff truly care about me and I can always lean on them when I need support. I am confident that my relationships with these people will continue to exist post-Loyola.

The ACE lounge is home for many of us ACE scholars. It is a place where students take naps, do homework, meet with tutors, and come to hang out with friends. I have had some of the most genuine conversations and met some spectacular people who have authentic stories in this lounge. I will cherish these moments when I think back to college.

One of my first jobs on campus was being an ACE Peer Mentor for incoming freshmen students. I would reach out to various campus departments to collect information on how to best assist my mentees. I also aided my mentees with creating their four-year plan, joining with clubs/organizations, and sharing advice on how to make friends. During my first year I also felt overwhelmed since I did not know where to turn to for help. Holding this position, I felt like was able to give back to a community that has done so much for me.

This past August was my second time coordinating the Summer Transition Program for incoming freshmen scholars. This week-long event provides students with the necessary resources they need to begin their first year of college. It is also a week to meet other ACE scholars and develop a friend group. In this role I was able to build upon my leadership skills by leading interactive activities, preparing a staff training day, and delivering transparency through my communication skills.

ACE has helped me to achieve college success and in my leadership development that will serve me well in my future career path. I thank all the staff and students who helped me through my four years and I cannot wait to hold my graduation diploma in May of 2021 smiling and proud.

For more information about the ACE program you can visit their website at: https://www.luc.edu/ace/index.shtml

The Spring ACE Banquet: an evening of laughter amongst friends at the dinner table overlooking the view of Lake Michigan from the fourth floor of the Information Commons (IC).
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