Moment I Realized LUC Was Right For Me

Moment I Realized LUC Was Right For Me

This school gained my attention all the way from California. I remember feeling disoriented not knowing where exactly I wanted to go to college. All my friends seemed like they had it all together by already applying. Some even knew where they wanted to go before school started senior year. It was October and I still didn’t know where I wanted to go. I felt like I was behind and most college applications were opening up.

The pressure was on and I didn’t know what to do or how to start looking.

How do I choose? How do I know which school is best for me?The moment I knew where I wanted to go happened in my room. I was browsing the web looking at different colleges. I felt the anxiety not knowing which was the one for me. I took a moment to center myself and the next action lead me to find Loyola Chicago. I looked up “what should I major in college” and a survey on Loyola’s website popped up.

After answering all the survey questions, my results showed me possible majors that could be of interest to me.

I researched more into the University and components I wanted my school to have. Many checked off my list. Medium-sized school ✔️ small classroom sizes ✔️ big city, but not too big like New York ✔️ Faith-based organizations available ✔️ Fields of study I was interested in ✔️ I then came across their Loyola virtual tour and fell in love with the campus.The same day I shared with my mom where I wanted to go to college.

For your college hunt, I recommend making a list with the components you want your ideal University to have.

Some questions to consider: Are you wanting a small sized student population or large? A primarily commuted based school? Are there certain fields of study you want your college to have? Do you want your campus to be in the middle of a city or a small town? Are there certain types of organizations or clubs you want to join and does the school have them?

This can be a tough decision to choose from with so many options. It can be overwhelming and frustrating. I hear you on that one.Being far from Chicago and with pricey plane flights and Airbnb, I decided to visit the campus only once. From choices of overnights where I would shadow a student for two days, one-day shadow days and Loyola Weekend, it was hard to choose from.

I decided to attend Loyola weekend during the Spring semester. This weekend event is devoted to different informational sessions, residence hall tours, and social events for admitted students to attend.

Visiting during Loyola Weekend.

On our campus tour, I pointed out all the buildings to my mom that were listed on the virtual tour.

Into the night we walked around the Damen Student Center. With the sunset view, light poles turning on and the campus quiet, I fell in love all over again. After visiting, this University felt like home. I saw the beauty in this school and I knew this one was for me.

A picture from that evening, to provide an illustration for your mind 🙂

Choosing the right college for you will take a lot of invested time. It can be scary, stressful and come with some anxiety. There is no “correct” path to go on and everyone gets there at different speeds. You aren’t alone in this journey because so many other high school students are feeling the same way you are. And to let you in on the secret, all current college students went through the same if not similar feelings you are experiencing.

For me Loyola was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to be a number in the classroom, but rather for my professor to know me by name. I wanted a campus that builds community and would help me to prosper, rather than feeling like I was competing against my peers. Loyola was able to meet my criteria in the school I wanted.

Even through the ups and downs, I am proud to be a Rambler and am grateful for my experience here.

Loyola’s “What Should I Major in” quiz link I mentioned:



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