Such a ‘Bler: Wicker Park Farmers Market

Such a ‘Bler: Wicker Park Farmers Market

Just look at those blueberries!!!!!! I had the absolute best time at my very first farmers market (wow that’s a lot of first this Summer haha.) I’d always been very curious about farmers because I know they are not only great for the environment but also a chance to support local farmers. My mum and I planned to go to the one in Logan Square but unfortunately got rained out 🙁 so I was ecstatic when this one popped up! 

There was wide variety of freshly grown and picked produce. You can also find things such as homemade spices, pastries, ice cream and homegrown flowers!! I did squeal quite a bit when I saw tubs and tubs of colourful fruit because I basically live off of fruit. The even better news is that the prices were too crazy compared to those found in supermarkets. I brought along my own big tote for my purchases, and also bought some new reusable market bags for specific produce! 

The shop I bought my bags at (it’s a new, and apparently first zero-waste store in Chicago too – the owner is very very nice!!): Zefirowaste. They’re only at Wicker Park offline but you can definitely get your sustainability act started via their Instagram.

This is my friend Sam Bejarano (she’s vegan!) She’s also a rising Junior at Loyola and is very involved in our Student Government, so feel free to reach out and ask her questions! The other beautiful feature of this photo is a chimichanga!!!!!! It’s basically a deep-fried burrito, and yes it’s vegan. Sam took me to this beautiful vegan/vegetarian restaurant called The Handlebar afterwards, which was also in Wicker Park. It was only short walk from the farmer’s market, so it was a nice way to continue enjoying the lovely weather. 

We then also decided to sit outside for lunch! The space was very decorated with posters from music events. I even found a sticker from Loyola’s radio station, WLUW, in above the sink in the bathroom so that’s was extra exciting! I just got a mushroom omelet with fries on the side because I’m not vegan nor vegetarian, but there were so many tempting options!  

For dessert, we got a slice of cake that was a new added feature at the café. This Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake is actually from a one-woman vegan bakery called Pie Pie My Darling. The owner, Heather, is on her way to opening her own space but is still taking orders from individuals customers and restaurants like The Handlebar. 

Honestly, this cake is a must try because after this experience, I think I’ve officially hopped on the vegan desserts train.

I hope this little snippet of my adventurous Sunday in some way inspired you to go out and try new things! I’m definitely coming back. Catch you at the next farmer’s market? 



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