Such a ‘Bler: The Art Institute of Chicago (and Rambler perks)

Such a ‘Bler: The Art Institute of Chicago (and Rambler perks)

One famous Chicago touristy spot is of course the Art Institute of Chicago! And as a rambler, you get free passes with your Loyola ID for four years!!! 

My best friend from high school recently visited from Korea and we attended the Manet and Modern Beauty exhibition. The Art Institute holds several special exhibitions like this a year, and luckily, my Loyola ID also made me eligible for a free pass for Manet. Gosh was it beautiful. I always thought I’d have to go to France to see works from the French genius himself. I was most starstruck by his work Jeanne (Spring) and still can’t believe I saw it right here in Chicago. 

The institute’s collection also features areas such as Impressionism, African Diaspora, American Art and Pop Art. I visit roughly 4-5 times a year, just for fun. However, professors often assign projects or homework that require us to visit the Art Institute for artistic research. An inspiration hunt for my Theatre Design I course (THTR 252) during freshman year was actually my first visit. We were starting a set design for the play “No Exit” by Jean-Paul Sartre, so of course we were instructed to explore the special exhibition of old miniature doll houses. Here’s a snap of my favourite. And of course, my findings for the project featured other works from the institute’s vast collection as well. 

I think it’s really neat to have projects like these. Although artistic inspiration can come from anywhere form coffee shop designs to second hand book shops, it’s nice to know that there’s a huge gallery I can always go to if I want to hit many stops at once (even if it usually ends up with me spending a whole day there.) 



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