Such a ‘Bler: International Museum of Surgical Science

Such a ‘Bler: International Museum of Surgical Science

I will admit, I’m not too big of a science person, despite having graduated high school with Cambridge A Levels Biology. How did I end up at the International Museum of Surgical Science you ask? My theatre internship held a community outreach event in collaboration with the museum (yes, I’m laughing as well.) But hey, I absolutely recommend a visit! 

The above picture is the main reason. It’s a miniature replica of a surgical theatre, in which people would sit and study an instructor operate live time. This is one of the many displays featured at the four-story museum. The first picture is of the statues of the important figures in surgical science history. More information about them can be found on the other floors of the museum, as well as newly rising international contributors of our current century. The fourth floor features the history of what the museum used to be – a house – as well as a special exhibition that is updated every few months.  

Before leaving, the nice lady at the check in desk suggested that we check out the old pharmacy at the back. It was very intricate and was accompanied by a small dentistry outside it. There was even a statue of a pharmacists behind the counter. He’s placed to look like he is preparing one of the many packets and bottles of medicine found in the shop. There was also a special button on the counter, but I’ll let you come by and press it yourself. 

I think it is also crucial that also I mention their unique gift shop which features biological organ plushies (yes you heard that right, come through.) 

I honestly would have never known that Chicago had this hidden gem if it weren’t for my internship’s event and turns out a lot of my friends didn’t either. The museum is located at 1524 N Lake Shore Dr, or just a fifteen-minute walk from the Clark/Division Redline stop. I know that sounds like a lot but there isn’t much to complain about when the weather is this nice. Why not take a stroll? 



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