Such a ‘Bler: Internship Orientation

Such a ‘Bler: Internship Orientation

Say hello to the official Summer 2019 Artistic Administration/Dramaturgy Summer Intern of Lookingglass Theatre Company (I am screaming this!)  

First order of business: Orientation.   

It was strange because I initially thought I would be working at the theatre. Well, I still am, but little did I know, Google Maps would take me to the John Hancock on my first day. The Lookingglass Theatre can be found in the Chicago Water Tower, often mistaken for the shopping center Water Tower Place. And the Lookingglass administrative offices are in the John Hancock, located only a few steps away from the Lookingglass Theatre.  

Lookingglass Theatre is a Tony Award winning, non-profit theatre company founded in 1988 by Northwestern graduates. One of them is actually a very familiar face – David Schwimmer, or some of you may know him as Ross from the TV series Friends. Lookingglass operates along three core values: collaboration, transformation and invention. And I feel very lucky to get the chance to learn all about them. 

More of Lookingglass: 

All the way on the 13th floor of the John Hancock, I found the home of my theatrical adventures for the next three months. I was given an official desk, which had already been decorated with fairy lights (wow!) On the first day, I was given a tour of the office space as well as the costume shop and the said theatre a few streets away. I met the heads of each department and got to discuss a working schedule that would best suit my summer working experience. The coordinator of my department unfortunately recently left for grad school so there were some bugs to work around but I was ready to begin. 

More snapshots to come. Happy (working) summer, ‘blers! 



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