Such a ‘Bler: I’m a rising junior, what am I doing??!!

Such a ‘Bler: I’m a rising junior, what am I doing??!!

I am pursuing a Communication Studies Major and a Theatre minor, and I will be a junior ‘bler this fall! Class registrations occur at the end of every semester, and it is Summer right now, so I’ve been a little on edge for a while.  

I did not come in with IB nor AP credits, having taken Cambridge A Levels in high school. As a result, I have a very set four-year plan at Loyola because of the amount of core education courses I have to complete. In addition to that, my major, Communication Studies is a special little pickle. It is the very reason I so specifically wanted to apply for Loyola, but at the same time, one that leaves me having to continuously navigate my educational and career path. But hey that means I’m always growing right? Why is this so you ask? Well, I turned away a lot of universities that asked me to choose between Film and Digital Media, Advocacy, AD/PR, Journalism etc,  because I wanted to do it all. Well Communication Studies opens a lot of doors for students, such as myself, who have a wide range of interests because it allows the students to explore between the areas. Nevertheless, with such a ‘self-designed’ nature, there are also of course cut off points in order to ensure that there IS in fact enough time to explore all the areas. 

What I had trouble with heading into junior year was realizing I wanted to focus mostly on two areas: Film and Digital Media and AD/PR. I found myself pilling on more film courses, such as screenwriting and screen directing, assuming I’d be able to take them all because of my major’s flexibility. However, after not being able to register for the courses LOCUS because they are either reserved for Film and Digital Media majors, or finding class seats all filled up, I suddenly felt unsure of my decision about this major. I realized I needed a refresher of what my major entails, and so I made an advising appointment! 

Being able to sit down with my advisor at the School of Communication (SOC) and not having to layout my hopes and dreams and really get into the nitty gritty corners of the SOC’s course catalogue alone, I felt more confident with my major decision. My advisor not only explained the extent of my major’s flexibility but also assisted me in navigating around it in order to fit my big interests for film and marketing. She also worked with me to find a suitable plan that allows to still study aboard in Rome as I planned since freshman year. We made sure I had all my required courses in check, and then recoordinated my practical courses as well as my SOC electives. My four-year plan is in super duper sweet shape. 

I find it quite funny that I was so stuck on figuring this out, when there was an individual out there just seeking to help me! And I also plan on coming back with more questions as I continue to navigate my last two years at Loyola, knowing that I will be in good hands if I ever needed. 

More LUC SOC Advising: 

Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions, even when you are SO sure and because you’re a rising junior and you think you’re supposed to know what you’re doing. Good luck! 



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