Happy 100th Birthday Sister Jean!

Happy 100th Birthday Sister Jean!

Yesterday, I had the lovely privilege of attending Sister Jean’s 100th Birthday!

As a rising Junior at Loyola, Sister Jean and I have been through it all. From Final Four status to the polar vortex that canceled class for the first time in decades, Sister Jean has become symbolic of the resilient rambler spirit. Even through the heat of basketball season to the deadly cold of Chicago Winter, Sister Jean will always be there for us Ramblers!

To thank her for years of dedicated service to the institution, Loyola threw her an awesome birthday party to celebrate the rare occasion – only 14 out of 1,000 live to be centenarians! A lot of surprising guest stars:

Jo Ann Rooney

Okay, not so surprising. But she introduced a new Sister Jean Scholarship to Incoming Loyola Studies to promote Worship, Work, and Win.

JB Pritzker

Our Governor declared August 21st Sister Jean Day!

After the speeches, all of us in the audience gathered to watch a video of Celebrities, Illinois and beyond, wishing Sister Jean a Happy Birthday.

Celebrities Wish Sister Jean a Happy Birthday!

Then, the queen herself blessed us all with her words of encouragement for the incoming school year. While she is the example of a life well lived, she remains humble and so supportive of all of us. To me personally, she demonstrates loyalty, faith, and passion associated with devoting your life to service. And as a Leadership Studies Minor, there is nothing more fulfilling then Demonstrative Leadership.

Here’s to a happy 100th Birthday Sister Jean! We look forward to spending next year’s with you as well!

(The cake was super delicious!!)
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