Such a ‘Bler: My Internship Hunt (Sophomore Year)

Such a ‘Bler: My Internship Hunt (Sophomore Year)

This is a story about a girl who thought she wouldn’t make it. 

I knew I wanted an internship this Summer, and I had been preparing since the last. My website, my resume and my research were all set. I then tackled cover letters, letters of recommendations, writing samples and interview simulations as deadlines approached. I was ready, and I was, but not for rejection. 

I will say that part of my calm was thanks to a recommendation from a theatre professor. Having worked there, she really did put in a good word for me. However, I also had a chip of naivety on my shoulder. Up until this, I had never applied for anything non-academic. I had always either founded the organization and was recruiting or got invited for the position. I was yet prepared for the unpredictable reasons behind a “no.”  

I submitted two applications and both of their interviews, though in person, were at B+ level. I waited and not long after received one blunt wave and an invitation to reapply. Perhaps this postponed welcome hurt most because both they and my professor saw a great fit. And though I was in the top two, it was just not my time. I guess that’s something they don’t always tell you about the application process. No matter how great of a fit, there’s a time for everything. Summer internships are highly competitive. That single spot, belonged to someone else this season, a senior, and maybe at a later date, to me.  

Regardless, I was still happy that I submitted to two of the biggest theatres in Chicago despite it only being my second year in the theatre world. It was a long shot, but I made it pretty far. So was I going to stop there? No. I continued to apply! Chicago is a big theatre city, and my professor encouraged that there are still plenty of companies out there, big and small, that would want me. I continued to research and ask for more input from upperclassman ‘blers. I switched recommendation letters and resume components to adhered more to the specific internship. 

My next interview was over the phone. I improved from all my past fidgeting. I used the two rejections as learning experiences and gave this application my all. And now here I am – the new Artistic Administration/Dramaturgy Intern at Lookingglass Theatre Company. But more on that later. 

Good luck. 



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