Chi-rish: what in the world?

Chi-rish: what in the world?

You know what they say, that everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day?

Chicago loves that saying, and totally agrees. This year was my first St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, since my freshman and sophomore year it was over Spring Break while I was away, and last year I was abroad in China where only the expatriates celebrate. So I had to take advantage of that fact this year!

I’m so glad I have my friends. This group is me and friends from freshman year, including my roommate Olivia (in the center, with the shades).

Chicago celebrates the holiday with lots and lots of revelry, from costumes to contests. I saw lots of people dressed up as St. Patrick himself, some knitted red beards, glitter, green on every piece of clothing imaginable, and plastic hats galore. To be honest, I didn’t have any green, so I knitted myself a green headband the night before. It’s not pictured because I was wearing it as an armband at the time, but I promise I was wearing it!

Most notably, Chicago dyes the river green. Check it out!

These really cool people (peep the person in the all-green suit) came by and tossed beads at us like it was Mardi Gras, and every one of our group got one, so that was really cool. But seriously, the river! Actually, apparently they dye it yellow, and science makes it green, but it’s totally safe for the environment and fades away after a week or so. How it works, I have no idea, but it’s so cool. You can get up and watch them do it, around 9am, but I certainly did not. It’s a weekend! That’s sleep-in hours!

We went down there around noon, hoping to get a glimpse and catch the parade, too. Well, the reason why I don’t have any pictures from the parade is because I missed it! Yeah… we got too excited and went to go see the river first, and by the time we remembered the parade, it was over. But that’s alright, since we could see some of the parade members in the crowd, like clowns and dancers and so on.

Chicago’s Irish population is really proud of their heritage, and Chicago’s non-Irish are proud to have them, leaving Chicago excited for this day every year. I ran into like five different friends downtown, which is pretty rare because it’s a large city! Next year, what will you be doing to celebrate the day?

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