Reusable Tote Paint Night

Reusable Tote Paint Night

Did you know Loyola has a club on campus dedicated to sustainable living?

Well, actually, we have a bunch. The Growers’ Guild is one such example, and they’re passionate about helping the environment by cutting down on waste – and having a good time with it, too!

The Growers’ Guild has lots of fun events throughout the semester, including painting mugs, a free clothing swap, and their tote bag decorating night, which is what I attended this past week.

My ‘action’ shot, the picture I remembered to take before my hands got full of paint. After, though? I didn’t touch my phone until I scrubbed my hands clean. And by that time everyone had left!

Although I had never been to a Growers’ Guild event before, due to schedule issues, I have seen them all over Facebook. That’s one of the main reasons I love Facebook nowadays – it keeps me so in the loop! It seems like a lot of people respond, so my roommate and I thought we ought to go early, in case they run out of supplies. I have to admit, it wasn’t necessary, which was a bummer. Although a lot of people came, we were the first ones! We beat the paint arriving, actually, so we had a lot of time to chat with the Guild members and didn’t get any sort of head start on painting over the other attendees.

It was really interesting to talk to them! I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to go to a lot more in the future, as the school year winds down and I’m graduating. I sure missed my chance! … But it’s alright, since I got to go to this one. I went in with the mindset of painting for fun, without any plan at all, so check it out: this is my creation!

Instead of brushes, they had sponges, so I thought: well, here’s an opportunity! And I scribbled around. And then it looked a little empty, so I filled it with a Hozier quote. Hey, nobody calls me an artist!

What do you do for sustainability, or how do you care for the environment?

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