UNIV 101 Class

UNIV 101 Class

The first year seminar, UNIV 101, is a graduation requirement for all incoming first year students during their first semester.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive extended orientation that is holistic in nature and focuses on academic success and students’ transition to college. Through interactive sessions, students will gain an understanding of Loyola University Chicago, the City of Chicago, campus resources, academic planning and meet with other first year students.

Through support by academic advisors, students will manage the transition to college, identify their academic goals and plans, interact with full-time staff and create a sense of community with other first year students.

I benefited a lot from this course, especially with the four year plan we were required to make. It seemed overwhelming at first to layout your 4 years on a spreadsheet, deciding on which courses you will take in the next years of your college career. However, there are peer advisors in these univ 101 classes that are willing to sit down with you and make this plan with you! I look back and thank this class so much, because now that I register for my classes, I know right away which class I need to take to stay on track.

As you may already know, there are so many required tier I and tier II courses required by Loyola, as well as classes for your major, pre professional courses, and foundation course requirements as well. This may seem A LOT to fit within four years, however, making this 4 year plan allows you to see how many of them overlap, are exempted, or fit easily in the span of 4 years.

It is a 1 credit hour course, a GPA booster, is only once a week for 50 minutes, and benefits you a lot in the latter. There are about 3-4 other additional assignments, but they are due within a considerate amount of time and allow you to meet other first year students. It also allows you to self reflect on your first semester and work on some things you may be struggling in!



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