Such a ‘Bler: Light Lab Life

Such a ‘Bler: Light Lab Life

Like what you see? (I do hope so, I’m being graded on this haha) Well let me introduce you to Fine Arts Annex. It looks a little different right now because it’s set up for our Lighting section of THTR 352 – Design II.

For this portion’s final, we had to create lighting designs for 7 scenes of ‘Aglaonike’s Tiger’ and capture them to discuss with our prior researched and created lighting storyboard of the play. Our instructor, Lee, brought the lightboard from Loyola’s underground theatre to the annex and we got a chance to play around with it before diving into the project, and let me tell you miniature lighting design isn’t as easy as you think.

We got 5 hours of lab time each and I used every minute of it. Lee taught us the important to modeling – using light to highlight the important parts of the cast and props so they don’t blend into the background or are not seen correctly. So I made sure to adjust each light for that main purpose. And well I also played around with colours to change up the mood.

My favourite part was using gobos – patterned pieces of circular metal that create different shadows when having light casted through the patterns. These are placed into the source of light. I manipulated a few to represent the presence of water and leaves on the stage floor and backdrop. The plot was a mixture between the themes Ancient Greek Traditions and Postmodern. I wanted to move away from realism with this plot and thought it was a good alternative for props and made the scenes more unique.

I’m very new to lighting design and well electrics in general, being mainly a playwright and dramaturg when it comes to theatre. I even had to call Lee in the middle of my session to ask for assistance…We were also required to provide two lighting sketches, which the techniques for were taught in Design I. I had to do some digging through my notes for a refresher but I’m glad they were good notes haha.

The project and section have been quite challenging, yet I feel so alive! It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone and see what your skills how do and how grow. Sound design is up next, stay tuned!




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