Such a ‘Bler: Theology 107 with an Agnostic Atheist

Such a ‘Bler: Theology 107 with an Agnostic Atheist

I was born and raised in Vietnam. A large part of our country’s population is Buddhist. However, though the majority of the rest do follow the religion’s practices, they are in fact not Buddhist. This was the case for my family. Around sophomore year of high school, I deemed myself as an Agnostic Atheist. So what, you may ask, am I doing as a undergraduate sophomore in a Jesuit Institute?

This exact question revisited my mind on the first day of Theology 107 – Introduction to Religion Studies. I’ll be honest and say that my university background check was quite poor during the application process. However, I have never once regretted my decision about Loyola – and especially regarding this aspect. I have never felt cornered or discriminated for my religious affiliation or bothered by those of my peers.

Although I still look down grinning to myself half the time when I hear something my Agnostic mind can’t comprehend, I do appreciate the myriad of new perspectives. It’s comforting to know that though there are so many ways the heart has chosen to believe the universe came about, we are still able to celebrate it all together.

I’m only two weeks into the course and I still have a lot to learn but I do hope courses like these come as informative to others as it is currently coming to me. Then maybe we’ll smile at the floor less and at one another more.

I’ll keep you posted. Keep believing.




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