Such a ‘Bler: Career Week 2019! | My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 2)

Such a ‘Bler: Career Week 2019! | My Summer Internship Hunt! (Part 2)

 I walked in this Tuesday with my bright mustard yellow resume and interactive online portfolio. I was confident – I had been prepping for this review all Summer after learning from the previous year’s Career Week Workshops. However, I knew there was much left to learn.

The extravagance began with a panel discussion on good business writing and other crucial things to keep in mind when striving to put your best foot forward. The three guest speakers were informative, funny and inspiring. I can honestly say that I’ve even met the individual I hope I will have the honor to mentor me. But I got his card (!) and also gave out my business card for the first time – it was a very official conversation.

The next day continued with the circulation of our resumes through a group of professionals both from the more corporate and creative world. I also ran them through my website, or online portfolio and it was interesting to see the different insights. Overall, I need to be more specific with my information according to each desired internship, but my overall brand received many thumbs up!

The Career Week finishes with a a Networking Night and Job Fair but I am already learning so much and feel much more confident after 2 evenings. I can honestly not thank the School of Communications and Quinlan School of Business enough for such a helpful string of events.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have my complimentary headshot taken and get my Linkedin ready.

Here’s my freshman photo from last year’s Career Week:





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