Such a ‘Bler: Spring 2019 Student Organization Fair!

Such a ‘Bler: Spring 2019 Student Organization Fair!

With a new semester comes a whole new Student Organization Fair! This is a showcase of the student organizations currently active at Loyola in hopes to spark student interests and provide mediums for exploration outside daily academics. I was back again with the e-board of Diminuendo Literary and Arts Magazine. I am currently the AD/PR Chair and am super psyched for what this semester’s got in stored!

We are Loyola University Chicago’s longest running Student Literary and Arts Magazine. We curates, edit together and then publish two issues of student literary and visual art each year! Our editorial staff includes three main committees – AD/PR, Tech and Design and Digital Media. On top of that, we have two co-presidents, a treasurer and secretary. Our most recent issue is said to be our best and most competitive one yet, so I was pumped to encourage even more submissions for the next!

In between my enthusiastic speels, I roamed Gentile Arena for any possible new adventures. I always try to do a round in case there are any new organizations or if I suddenly decide to finally pick Soccer back up. I’ve been to every one since my freshman year, and there is at least 5 new ones each time! There honestly is something for everyone. I highly recommend passing by even for a short stroll because that’s where I found Diminuendo Fall of Freshman year and I have been so grateful ever since!

This e-board is excited for a brand new explosive issue! Our Fall 2018 issue can be found at Connection’s Café in the IC and on our website:

Stay tuned and most importantly, try something new this semester!




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