Why am I at Loyola 4 years later?

Why am I at Loyola 4 years later?

First and foremost, for those of you who don’t know me, I am Husna and I have been working in Loyola’s Undergraduate Admission’s Office since I was a Freshman so this is quite bittersweet, being my last year here. Just to get a little background, I am from Chicago, IL, I love to shop, travel, explore the beautiful city of Chicago, weight lift, and play soccer. Now you’re probably wondering why I decided to come to Loyola and not go out of state for college, but let me tell you… it was definitely the best decision I’ve made. I am also not just saying this because I go to Loyola, or else I would have not been here! I really wanted to go to Loyola all throughout high school and I don’t doubt that one bit till this day.

I love Loyola because the moment I had my first class, I felt so welcomed and comfortable in the environment I was learning in, which was one thing that was super important for me. The intimate class sizes make learning so powerful and that was definitely the moment I knew that I was the type of person who preferred small classes, where my professor knows who I am as a person and I know my professor as well. It is definitely a personal preference, but to my knowledge, a lot of other universities tend to have large lectures, which vary from about 200-300 students in one hall or even like 500-600 for the bigger core classes. Smaller classes are better for me because I like when the professor knows me and its a better chance of getting recommendation letters, more resources, easy participation points (so its not all dependent on exams sometimes) and asking questions in general helps with learning. In this way, if you are the type that is afraid to speak in big crowds, this would be a great chance for you to engage in an environment comfortable for you.

Also, Loyola is a popular school so a lot of students are from out of state, which I think is super cool to have friends from different states so you’re not stuck with the same people from high school intend on meeting new people. Not to mention, Loyola has made it to top universities many times throughout the years, so be sure to check out my older blog posts on that as well!

I don’t live on campus; I commute which is about 45 mins-1 hr, and it is honestly not that bad (to all my commuters). We get a Ventra card so I must say, it is quite tempting to go downtown all the time because of the Loyola campus on Michigan Ave, right by the Water Tower Place. It can be so much fun because not only do we have Ventra cards to take L, we have a shuttle service right on campus so we can go anytime and explore.

Most commonly known for is our lake, of course,  but that wasn’t my decision maker. It definitely is a plus because studying there is THE BEST. Our library is so peaceful and aesthetic, which also includes The Harry Potter Room, and besides the library, Loyola has so many cool places to study and chill.

Loyola has lot of programs, whether they are the pre-professional programs offered (such as pre-physical therapy, pre-medicine, pre-dental, pre-law, etc.) and it is very easy to be involved with the hundreds of organizations, clubs, sports, etc. which can build an overall great reputation. Our success rate for careers and graduate schools are really high, so it is evident that our education is of great importance and it definitely pays off within the 4 years.

As a senior (finally) reflecting on my four years at Loyola, I can say it proudly of how grateful I am to be a part of this institute. I’m majoring in Psychology right now with a minor in Exercise Science and not only are my classes so much fun, the professors are extremely helpful and caring.  I did get a scholarship which helped a lot, and became involved with the Muslim Student Association and Pakistani Student Association. Through this involvement, I met a lot of my friends and connections and it’s an unforgettable experience.

The last things I would like to mention is that we get an Easter break as well as a mid semester break (fall break) which not a lot of other schools have… so it definitely is a plus and bragging privilege (haha).  There are many on campus job opportunities that are offered if you are interested in working as well!

I hope my experience is able to help many of you, and if you do have any questions, please let me know at hafzal@luc.edu and I would be glad to give you some more feedback based on my experience at Loyola!

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