Perks to Chicago Living

Perks to Chicago Living


Alright, so Loyola University is one of your options for attending school alongside a whole list of other schools across the state and/or country. What sets Chicago apart from any other location?

Chicago is one of the most unique and famous cities on the globe. This is the birthplace of so many things- the Ferris wheel, skyscraper, atomic bomb, remote control, TV radio, and so much more. Famous (contemporary) people have lived in this city too, including Oprah, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Michael Jordan, and more. Maybe this gives you some sort of impression that Chicago is pretty interesting and important city!

Maybe I haven’t sold you yet, on this city. Well in Chicago, especially in downtown, you have the opportunity to see all the stores of famous brands, all in one street- Michigan Avenue. This is considered the Magnificent Mile for a reason! Stores like Bloonmingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Prada, Tiffany & Co., and obviously so much else. If you are me, you brag about these stores and simply do window shopping because you know your entire life savings can’t even afford a single item from one of the these stores. (Yes, things can get expensive!) Besides the retail stores, the views of impressive skyscrapers above your head, bustling cars on the streets, and sounds of urban life will be thrilling for you.

After that much energy, you may want to relax and get away from so much detail and sounds. Within walking distance, there is Millennium Park, a contemporary green-space with the Maggie Daley playground and famous Bean (No, do not call it the Cloud Gate- it does not look like a cloud nor resembles what ANY cloud looks like).


To be brief, Chicago is very active city. Our CTA (public transportation system) is always up and running. On an average weekday, 1.6 million rides are taken on the CTA, transporting people to work, kids to school, and tourists around the city for fun. You can expect that the food around here can be very diverse and really good (depending on where you go). With that being said, come with an adventurous food palate and be ready to taste the world in style!


On a more academic note, many companies and organizations are based in Chicago with offices throughout the city, especially in downtown. It is more likely to get a job opportunity or internship here. I know of many friends in Loyola’s School of Business who have already got a internship here in Chicago and are all set after graduation.


Scared that you’ll get bored of something…anything? Fear not, Chicago is not boring. Weather is one factor. You’ll experience all 4 seasons to their extremity- single digit temps in winter, bipolar weather in the spring, 3 digit temps in the summer, and mountains of piled leaves in the fall. You can tell I have good experiences with the weather. Seasonal holidays also keep you in spirit- there’s at least one to every month. If you still are in boredom (like me, after years of this..), celebrate Fridays when you finally get to celebrate the weekend, free of school and school  responsibilities. 🙂

Chicago is a fantastic place to be. Loyola University is located in this city and it is quite amazing to go to school here and experience a live city like no other. Everything is at your fingertips; things are not far away if you need ANYTHING. There’s always things to do, people to meet, and places to keep you entertained.


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