Best of Chicago: Doughnut Shops

Best of Chicago: Doughnut Shops

Whether you enjoy an original glazed doughnut or one that can be dipped in a hot, steaming cup of coffee. Or, if you like your doughnut with sprinkles or jelly filled, there are several speciality doughnut shops around the city of Chicago. So, if you are in the need of a quick meal for breakfast or a snack to go, be sure to check out these sweet and savory places.

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee: (locations found in Wicker Park, Boystown, Lincoln Park, and close to the Water Tower Campus-River North area) This doughnut shop is filled with various kinds of simple and classical doughnuts to more speciality and high end doughnuts, depending on your taste. I would recommend getting their original glazed doughnut, which is a classic and a cup of hot Earl Grey tea (or coffee if you prefer). Some of their high end doughnuts include: pistachio glazed, beignet pair, and lemon curd, just to name a few. Unlike other doughnut shops, Stan’s selection also has bagels, gelato, and other different types of pastries. And, for that special someone (or if you really want to treat yourself), there is the doughnut cake which can be filled with Bischoff, peanut butter, or Nutella. ( 

Glazed and Infused: (locations found in West Loop, Lincoln Park, River North, Streeterville, and The Loop) While the restaurant does not have as many options as Stan’s, Glazed has several unique combinations added onto their doughnuts. Whether you crave the original doughnut or a Maple Bacon Long John (that actually has a piece of bacon on it making it the perfect combination of sweet and salty) or a Key Lime Pistachio (tart and nutty) doughnut, you never know what you will find. But, if you want try something truly unique I would recommend their Fondue for Two (perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up). With this dessert, be prepared for three dozen doughnut holes, dipping creme/frosting and sprinkles to top. To wash down this sugar rush, there is coffee on hand (or Naked juice if you want to feel less guilty). (   

If you want more suggestions on where you can go for your doughnut adventure be sure to check out: ( 


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