Rambler Success: What to do Before Graduation

Rambler Success: What to do Before Graduation

“What’s next?” is the question that many recent college graduates have on their minds. There are many routes that one can take after receiving their diploma. Some decide to enter the work force, and hopefully pay down that college debt. Others, go onto graduate school to grab a master’s degree. There are also those who want to take a mental/physical break and travel for a bit. Whatever, your calling, it is always a good idea to have experience up your sleeve. This is where where these resources come into play.

Resumes: Resumes are textual photographs that tell your prospective employer your education, skills, work experiences, and a sprinkle of personal facts about you. Whether you have a ton of experience or you are still trying to find your niche, it is important for one put together their resume. Do you need help putting together what’s important and what would be better to be left out? You are on luck, on campus we have a service called the Career Development Center (in the Sullivan Center) where you can go to help you in your resume writing process. In addition they provide information on how to write a proper cover letter, how to interview well, and other business needs/questions that you might have.

LinkedIn: Often referred to as the Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn is a social networking site where jobs opportunities, employers, etc. go to connect and establish professional relationships with each other. Here, you can find people from business professionals (CEOs and Managers) to salespeople, professors, marketers, and more. As a tip, I would recommend connecting with your professors, friends, coworkers, and Loyola alums. They might just help you out on your job search.

Jobs on Campus: Want to feel what it is like to adult and have a job? Through Loyola’s job search engine, RamblerLink, you can find jobs that will allow you to find jobs both on or off campus. You can also find some job opportunities from pamphlets and flyers around the school. Whether you want to be a Peer Advisor, a person who works at the Undergraduate Admissions office, or an assistant for the Financial Aid office; there is always something that you can get involved in. These jobs will help you branch out your network and give you the work experience you need.

Job Fairs: Throughout the school year, Loyola brings in employers from around the Chicagoland area. Most Loyola schools have their own: School of Communication, Business, Social Work, etc. It is during these fairs where you get the opportunity to talk to prospective employers to talk about internship availabilities to entry level positions. All you need to bring are your resumes, business casual attire, your student ID, and a confident smile on your face. Who knows? You might just be offered an internship or a job! If not, just keep pushing through.

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