The Finish Line is Within Sight

The Finish Line is Within Sight

Business people cross the finish line

It was only a couple of days ago that I was able to enjoy my Thanksgiving break and not have to worry so much about schoolwork. Once I came back to school, I realized that finals were closer than I had expected. At this point in the semester, there are only two full weeks of school left which is the equivalent of 10 days. With that in mind, the finish line to ending the semester is so close!

At the same time, it is very critical that you do not slack off in these last few days. Around this time, most professors will have several things due for instance, papers, presentations, projects, quizzes, and unit exams. When you are like me and take 18 (or more) credits worth of classes, people better start calling you a warrior.


Things to keep in mind/start doing:

  1. Do ANYTHING you can NOW. If you are a procrastinator, this message should be a valuable and handy tip. For those who do not procrastinate, this is a helpful message so you can relax later on and not have to be so stressed. With today being Wednesday, there is only 7 days left of the semester, it is best to use up all the free time you have to dedicate to your studies or obligated errands. Time is of the essence!
  2. Make a DAILY checklist. Many people underestimate the power of writing things down vs. memorizing things to do. Checklists help you stay very organized and forces you to finish specific things ON TIME. Without checklists, you may want to procrastinate, which is a no-no. Having daily checklists help you to think within a day’s time frame instead of view the week broadly. Plus, for me, it is quite satisfying to physically check off boxes and have a good feeling of accomplishment!
  3. COFFEE might be your new best friend. As we near finals week, there will definitely be a lot of assignments due and exams to study for. Coffee, if it is your preference, will provide you with an extra boost of energy and motivation to study more and focus.
  4. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT officially comes AFTER finals week.  Unfortunately, this year we end the semester closer to Christmas than we normally tend to. However, that does not mean that you should direct your (full or partial) attention and focus away from your studies and schoolwork. This may affect you from boosting that B+ to an A… scenarios like this, people tend to regret not putting enough effort into their studying as they should have. If anything, go all out for New Years and celebrate hard; look forward to that holiday more than Christmas.
  5. If you are CONFUSED about anything, ASK. Asking does not hurt anyone. You will gain clarity on a certain topic and have more confidence when you are asked that topic on an exam.

I understand that these things are leaning toward the more extreme and more self-disciplined methods to preparing for finals week, but nevertheless, they are ways to help you maintain or rise academically, which is the reason we go to school. We want to succeed, so we study for our classes by doing well on our exams and classwork. These all stem down to the basic essentials of how to study effectively and wisely.


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