Hotspots Around Loyola

Hotspots Around Loyola



As this blog is primarily directed toward new, perspective students, it is possible that some of you have not visited our Lakeshore Campus yet or are not familiar with the area yet. Even if you took a tour of our campus, there are some things not mentioned on the tour regarding popular spots.

Loyola’s Lakeshore Campus is quite large in size and we are very fortunate to take up a lot of the space right next to the lake. Since Loyola has a long history, with renovations and construction dating back to the early 1900s in this area, there are a lot of interesting facts about the buildings and general location too. (If you have been following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you may have seen some of these facts on #throwbackthursday).



  1. Front of Madonna Della Strada (facing the lake). Not only are the views of the lake are spectacular and you can hear the organ, but there is a specific location in the middle of this area that is regarded as the “whispering zone.” When you stand in the middle and face the lake, you or softly talk and you’ll hear your voice whisper back to you. The sounds of your voice bounce back at you, from the lake. It’s quite fun and interesting! Every time I see people do it for the first time, they always are so surprised! Try it sometime! 🙂                                                                             Bourque-0004
  2.  Outside Palm Court (4th floor Mundelien). Here, you are on a balcony overseeing the majority of campus with the view of the lake in the background. Needless to say, this place is quite beautiful- Palm Court can be used for wedding spaces, so you can imagine how nice this place looks already.                                                                                                                                             reception
  3. East Quad (sometimes West Quad too). This place is usually calm, but when there is a need, people can come together here for various reasons such as protest or to support a cause. You can imagine the type of energy that can happen here when students come together.                    150605_Under_the_Stars_09-1000x667
  4. Atrium Area (located in the Damen Student Center). Everyday, there is always high energy here. Student organizations can set up tables to fund-raise, different offices can promote their services here, etc. St. Baldricks Head Shaving event is done here too as well as the ice skating rink  and placement of Loyola’s Christmas tree.                                                                                       23205904380_93bc13d2ce_m
  5. Convocation Doors. Besides the fancy intricate designs on this door, it is famously known for its purposes for when freshmen symbolically enter in and seniors walk out. Along with this tradition, students are given convocation keys. It is pretty meaningful and cool!                                        29254054015_72b530c6d2
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