Fall Break Happened Already?

Fall Break Happened Already?



Don’t you wish Fall Break came around again? This is one of those breaks that are definitely needed at this point into the semester. Think about it… you’re half way done with the semester! I was definitely able to get some sleep and spend some time at home this fall break. I was also able to brag to other friends how we get a fall break, and they’re like… “What’s a fall break? Why don’t we get one?” It’s definitely a good feeling and I was able to get some reviewing done prior to my midterms coming up! Fall break occurs every year in the month of October for Loyola Students, usually on a Monday and a Tuesday. I know we all wish it was a bit longer, but we should appreciate we get this little break to catch up if we feel like we’re a bit behind.

If you are behind, by the way, it is OKAY! Just make sure to act on it, and try your hardest to keep your head in the game. Focus on the fact that Christmas is coming up and that means the end of the semester and Winter Break is nearby!

Stay motivated Ramblers, we are just weeks away from freedom! Until then, push through and this semester will definitely be in your favor.

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