On Saturday, April 16, all Loyola sophomores were invited to celebrate their half-way mark to graduation. It was a fun-filled event with chocolate fountains, photo booths, and good company of close friends. This event also coincided with ‘Week of Excellence’ in which Loyola celebrated the achievements of its students in every realm- research, service, etc.

The biggest highlight from this event was receiving our commitment keys, as shown above. This key not only represents our dedication and commitment towards a Jesuit education, but it is a matching key to the one we received a week before becoming official LUC students back in summer of 2014. That key looks identical to the one we just got; the only difference is the writing. Instead of “convocation”, the key now says “commitment.”

This ‘Half-Way to Graduation’ event was very eye-opening. I cannot believe that my I have only two more years left of being an undergraduate student. Much has happened through these last two years, but somehow I was able to overcome them and still stand strong. I understand that these next two years will not be easy, but through the support of my loved ones, I have motivation and commitment to persevere on and have bright, successful future ahead of me.


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