How Adventure Leads to Humanity

How Adventure Leads to Humanity

It was the weekend before school and I had been living at Loyola for only a few days. The only person I was spending time with was my room mate whom I had been talking to before moving in and my quiet suitemate. I was second guessing the school that I chose and I found myself missing home before I even started classes. On that Saturday night before the first school week, I got a knock on my door and when I opened it I saw my RA and a bunch of fellow students I had seen in passing. They wanted me to take a chance and explore the city with them and to get to know them. I took that chance and experienced one of the most memorable nights of my college career.

Together, we took an adventure and played a game of volleyball at Hartigan beach before it closed. I had no idea that Loyola had a beach so close. After that game, we visited a restaurant off of the Red Line Belmont stop that exclusively sold grilled cheese. Ohio sure doesn’t have a place that sold gourmet grilled cheese. I was amazed, dumbfounded, happy and I felt connected.

For my first adventure, I needed a little push. And After that night, I quickly realized that my dorm room should only be a small percentage of my first year experience. From there, I made a pact with myself that on the weekends, I would take a chance to explore a part of the city I had never been before. I visited China Town, Andersonville, Uptown and many more sweet neighborhoods throughout the city but the most important part of these trips were the people who came along with me.

Through these adventures, I met new people. I met good people, fun people, outgoing people, and rude people but through exploring the spectrum I found close friends that I talk to even today. I learned about their personal lives, religious views, cultural practices and outtake on life. From these conversations, I questioned and debated my own views.  It made me feel human.

During freshman year always ask yourself these five questions: Am I being open minded? Am I being inclusive? Will this adventure/decision be beneficial to me? Is there a good balance between my academics and social life? How can I improve?

Put away that cell phone and set the world on fire 🙂





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