Downtown AMC

Downtown AMC



This past weekend I finally took a trip to the downtown AMC movie theater! This theater isn’t like an ordinary movie theater though, it’s a luxury theater! Since moving to Loyola full time I’ve wanted to see a movie there but I’ve never had the time. I finally got the chance to go when my best friend from home came to visit and check out Loyola. After a day exploring the city we decided that a trip to the movie theater would be the best way to end the day. Since I had never been to this theater, we bought out tickets online for a late showing of Deadpool. We ate dinner across the street at Eataly (I had the mushroom pappardelle), we headed over to the theater.

Inside, the theater has fancy reclining seats instead of regular movie theater seats. When you buy tickets online you pick your seats so that you have a reserved set of copy reclining chairs. Instead of regular movie grub concession stands, they have a menu and you can order real food. It’s a pretty bougie place to be honest, and it’s amazing. The movie was amazing and the whole experience was great, 10/10 would recommend.

I wish that i had checked out the AMC downtown earlier, it would have been a great winter activity, as it’s indoors. This would also be a great date location 😉 If you go to Loyola, you have to see at least one movie at the downtown AMC, you won’t regret it!



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