Megabus Adventures

Megabus Adventures

megabus_comWelcome back everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I went to visit my parents and black lab in Columbus, Ohio. But since I decided to visit them last minute, plane rides to Columbus ranged from $200-300 round trip. Not wanting to risk a ride with a stranger from Loyola, I opted to take a bus home.

I chose to take a bus service called Megabus. This bus runs daily trips from Chicago to Columbus, and vice versa, at a low rate of $60 round trip. For each bus ride your payment includes gas, one seat, above air vents, reading lights and free wifi.

This all sounds great right? But like any bus, it has its qualms. This bus is a double decker which means…SIT ON THE LOWER LEVEL IF YOU CAN. The top level emulates a boat ride because it sways. Also, you need to have an extreme amount of patience to ride on a bus. Be polite. A stranger might sit next to you but if you’re bothered by this, pop in some headphones. They might sit next to you for the next eight hours. If you behave well, the ride will run smoothly. If you really need space, you can pay $5 extra for more comfortable seats with extra leg room.

Although those eight hours may seemed like a really long time, I would ride this bus again. I got a cheap deal and they transported to me where I needed to go on time in an efficient manner. They do run to most major cities throughout the country and there are some buses in Europe. It’s not just a bus to Columbus! And if you’re worried about how dangerous it is, don’t. Just try not to take this bus when it is snowing because it doesn’t take much for this bus to topple on it’s side or slide into a ditch.

I hope this broadens your horizons on college travel! Taking a plane, train, bus or even riding with a friend are all safe options. Just be smart and choose carefully.

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