Simple and Sweet Reflection of College

Simple and Sweet Reflection of College


It is remarkable to look back and reflect on my college journey. I am almost halfway done with my undergraduate studies and there are only two more years until that long, anticipated moment where I walk onstage in graduation attire to receive my B.S. diploma.

Freshman and sophomore year, to be honest, was hectic. I am the first in my immediate family to go to college, so there was not a lot of support and no one to help me along the way. In addition, the transition from my high school to college was a bit rocky. I was not prepared for the workload, expectations, and night classes. Even as a sophomore, I am still learning many things about college life, college academics, and how to be accustomed to long days and long nights.

In these last two years, I have found my identity better. I did not even expect that to happen; it was spontaneous. Through people, experiences, and personal things, I have surrounded myself around things that I enjoy a lot. By being a part of clubs and groups, I am able to find people who share similar characteristics and interests.

Even though my college life is a bit hectic and crazy, I am being productive and doing things that matter to me. I am happy with the outcomes- I am able to serve the community, I am able to make a difference in people’s lives, I enjoy what I do, and my energy & hard work are not wasted.

I cannot imagine what junior and senior year will bring. I assume it will be an interesting journey filled with so many memories and experiences. Who knows…

College opens a whole new chapter for you. I can assure you that you will be a changed person for the better once you attend college and make an effort to do new things, join clubs, and socialize with others.

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