It’s Been Awhile Since #myLUCvisit

It’s Been Awhile Since #myLUCvisit

I’m having a hard time believing it, but it’s been 4 whole years since I visited this campus for the first time. During spring break of my junior year of high school my dad, best friend, and I made the journey up to Chicago so that I could visit the school I now call my home. After that first visit I knew it would be impossible for any other school to even compete with how I felt about LUC.

I first came across Loyola in high school while doing a class project that involved researching universities that offered majors for our intended career paths. At that time I was interested in becoming an art director for either a magazine or advertising agency. A combination of a communications and fine arts degree from Loyola would have set up me well to pursue that goal, but I’ve since changed my mind.

Since I was interested in the School of Communications, we set up tours at both the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses. I had no idea that Loyola’s downtown campus was so close to Michigan avenue (and so handily close to Hershey’s and Ghiradelli’s). After touring WTC, we jumped on the campus shuttle for our tour of LSC.

I was already so excited about Loyola, but stepping foot onto the Lake Shore Campus for the first time took my breath away. Few campuses can boast a location as perfect as ours along the shores of Lake Michigan. Once I’d gotten past how beautiful campus was I was further impressed by the way Loyola structures their “gen eds”. The  CORE is how Loyola structures their liberal arts curriculum. All students are required to take classes in history, philosophy, ethics, writing, literature, math, theology, and science creating well-rounded students across the board.

(Now that I’m finishing my 3rd year here I can say that CORE really did give me the all-encompassing education I was looking for.)

My first visit to LUC obviously left a lasting impression, so much so that when it came time for me to apply to colleges Loyola was the only application I turned in. (Not something I would recommend). For me, Loyola was it. I knew this was where I wanted to spend the next 4 years of my life, so I decided that before I applied anywhere else I was going to see if Loyola would take me. Thankfully I was accepted (much to my parent’s relief)  and was eager to become a Rambler, class of 2017.

Four years after my first visit to campus and I still stare wide-eyed at the beauty of my campus. So thank you to 17-year old me who decided that Loyola may just be the best school for me.



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