Finding Your Spot at Loyola

Finding Your Spot at Loyola


Everyone has a spot. No matter what age you are or where you live, you know exactly where you work best. In high school it was the local Starbucks. It was the only place around my town where students could hang out, do homework, and drink coffee. Honestly it sounds cliche because it’s Starbucks, but it was my favorite place to be. Without that Starbucks I would never have passed the AP U.S. History exam.

As you can imagine, coming to Loyola I was in a bit of a difficult situation, I didn’t have a place. Everything here was new and I was afraid to explore. I tried the IC and different on-campus spots, but I needed a little off campus time to focus and destress. It took me a few weeks to realize that I was surrounded by a lot of amazing study spots that I didn’t even know about.

First I tried the Starbucks, it was a no brainer for me, at home Starbucks worked so why not here? Well, if you live in Mertz i’m sure Starbucks is great, but for me (a De Nobili dweller) it’s a 15 minute walk. Starbucks is still awesome but beware the crowded tables, you can often find yourself without a place to sit!

Next was Metropolis. This local coffee shop just exudes cool, with local art for sale displayed on the walls and a menu of cool coffees and drinks to choose from. Metropolis is a great location if you live in De Nobili or San Fransisco Hall. There’s also three rooms of seating, you can usually find a place to be but it does also fill up fast. My favorite drink at Metropolis is the Green Tea Latte – perfect if you don’t drink real coffee like me!

It took me the longest to figure out the the best place for me to find quiet and calm was actually downtown. A quick shuttle or L ride to the downtown campus and your suddenly surrounded with great places to get homework done and papers written. My absolute favorite place is a Chicago specialty, Argo Tea. Not only is it generally quiet, but it’s open till 11 pm during the week! There’s an Argo Tea literally steps away from the Water Tower Campus – you can catch me there almost any day working on something!

Finding your happy place is a big step in making Loyola feel like home. For me it gave me a different connection to my school, my city, and my life as a college student. Beginning to adapt to college life can be difficult, but the perfect study space can be a small thing to make it all so much easier!


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