Why Lakeside is Best Year Round

Why Lakeside is Best Year Round

For me, the noise and busyness of the city can be overwhelming at times. I find myself needing to find a place where I can just breathe; away from the cars and buses, not bumping into people on the sidewalk, or surrounded by skyscrapers. In any other city finding a spot that brings me a little peace might be nearly impossible. Thankfully, Chicago staked out prime Lake Michigan real estate. And Loyola snatched up the best location possible on the Northside of the city.

When I need a breath of fresh air, there’s no better place than lakeside. Loyola’s students are no strangers to the breathtaking lake views our campus offers. On sunny days the lake front is crowded with people reading and relaxing. (I’m telling you lakeside mood boosts are real.) We love to brag about the beauty of our campus, and even in the dead of winter the frozen lake is captivating.

Now, most people reserve their beach time for the warm days of summer, but chilly winter days don’t scare me. This Friday, a friend and I braved a February afternoon walk by the lake. Because Chicagoans are bold (and bursting with spring fever) we weren’t the only ones enjoying a day with temperatures above 30-degrees. The calm waves rolling onto the beach were soothing, even if the cool breeze wasn’t. The water was a pale shade of sea foam green that blended into the cloudy horizon and the beach was scattered with chunks of ice from a formerly frozen lake. So even if I couldn’t feel my legs by the time we made it back to campus a little lake time was completely worth it.

Whenever you get the chance to visit Loyola, be sure to spend time by the lake. (Even if that means gazing at it through the windows of the Information Commons like I’m doing now). Lake Michigan never disappoints. So, as long as Loyola’s my home it will serve as my breath of fresh air in the city.



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