Year in Review: 2015

Year in Review: 2015

Another year has started and the “new year, new me” comments have come in once again. No doubt people will attempt to be a more updated version of themselves- even I.

The entire year of 2015 was a life-changing year- for good and bad (but let’s focus on the ‘good’ portion!).

1) I play the cello now. The cello is such a beautiful instrument that produces a large and resonating sound. I was initially inspired by the cello by The Piano Guys (which I assume you may know or have heard about). Steven Sharp Nelson (the cellist) is so talented and makes cello playing seem so enjoyable, peaceful, and awesome. I am a current student at Old Town School of Folk Music. I am happy to say that I now do not make any shrieking noises! I can play a couple of Bach pieces and hopefully soon, I’ll be able to play one of his famous Suite compositions!

2) I am taking photography more seriously. I am learning how to capture better images using a Canon camera and see things in different perspectives and angles. I have a site which I post my pictures up on so people can see. Here’s the site:


3)I was a pediatric lab assistant at Rush Medical Center. Over the summer, I work in the lab alongside other lab technicians and doctors. (There’s a blog about this that I posted a couple months back).

4)I became a sophomore. Alright. I know that was obvious, but it’s nice to acknowledge the fact that freshman year was done and now I’m at the midpoint of my time as a LUC undergrad student.

5) I joined TNTT- a religious youth group. I joined this group for other reasons, but when time passed by, I began to enjoy it a lot more. I found that there many people who were my age, had similar interests as I did, and came from similar backgrounds. Around these people, I could be myself comfortably and I was happy about that.


6)I take my brother to school each morning. He and I take the train together and walk to school. I get to interact with the parents which is always fun (at school and the train commute to work/school).

7)1000 origami cranes were made, as said in the Japanese tradition, to make a wish for peace. With everything that has happened in my personal life as well as the tragic events such as the gun shooting attacks and Paris terrorist attacks, the message of peace is much needed.


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