Find Your Identity

Find Your Identity


College is the best place to find out who you are. Somehow in your 4 years in college, you will find out where you fit in the realm of society, you will understand yourself better, and you will be more confident about yourself. Maturity will kick in sooner or later as you become more independent and responsible for the things you do; you will develop a more wise and intelligent mindset to make better decisions.

Everyone may find their identity in different ways. One of the best ways to learn more about yourself is to join clubs that you are interested in. There, you will find people who may have similar interests and backgrounds; friendships can arise and you may find yourself to be more outspoken, more sociable, and more confident.

Besides clubs, learn about your ethnicity- your family background. This will help you understand where you come from, how your parents & grandparents lived, and may explain why you were raised in a particular way. Plus, showing others your cultural side may make you more special/interesting!

Be open to everyone. Be amicable and let people know who you are by showing them your strong personality and open-mindedness. Whether you meet people in class or meet them for a short while on campus, make a good impression of yourself. Eventually, you’ll find people who will want to be your friends.

Take care of yourself. Even though this may sound self-explanatory, I cannot stress it enough. If you have a ton of anxiety or stress, you are not leaving enough time for yourself to relax and do fun things. Sometimes I get caught up in this, but to compensate for a busy and hectic school week, I do a bunch of enjoyable things over the weekend. Reward yourself!

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