Loyolacapella Gets Halloweird

Loyolacapella Gets Halloweird

If you’ve never been in to a cappella music before, Loyola might just change your mind. With four a cappella groups on campus this school is no stranger to crazy talented students singing without any musical instruments whatsoever. I must admit that I’m pretty biased for Loyolacapella, as one of my roommates is a member. But once you get here you’ll want to give each of these groups a listen because they all bring something unique to the aca-table.

This past Friday was Loyolacapella’s first concert of the year, their annual Halloweird show. Definitely an ideal way to get in the mood for the upcoming holiday–candy, costumes, and a little bit of spooky music, but mostly just another great performance.

The night opened with a performance by another Loyola gem, The Folkin’ Jesuits. This group of five campus Jesuits is an insanely fun and talented group that bring a unique and folk-y twist on popular songs. This time around they even added a few rap verses to their jams–crowd-pleasers for sure.

I loved Loyolacapella’s set list for the show, my favorites being: “Superstition”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Elastic Heart”, and their Halloween version of “Uptown Funk”.  Just as good as the singing itself was definitely the costumes. Each member of the group put on their best Halloween attire. There was a few classics, i.e. a werewolf, a cowboy, and a few zombies. While a few others stepped up the creativity to “Harry the potter” (Harry Potter attire, accessorized by a potted plant), Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, “Lumber Jill”, and an Elaine Benes (Seinfeld character) look-a-like.

This group never fails to impress me, from their costuming to their ability to need nothing besides their vocal chords to sound just as good as the real thing. You could say I’m a fan. And I already can’t wait for their next show.

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