Graduation Dress

Graduation Dress


Graduation is quickly approaching, and who is freaking out about what to wear!?  Luckily, I already knew what I wanted for my special day.  I definitely wanted to go with a Lilly Pulitzer dress, so dress shopping was much easier for me.  I went to the Von Maur in Lombard, IL because they were the only ones that carried Lilly, anyway.  I found so many cute dresses, but I had arrived so late! 🙁 Most of the dresses were extra small or sizes way too big!

I was really hoping to buy a white dress, but I figured that would be too messy.  Therefore, I chose the same dress that I liked in white, but in a very pretty light blue color.  I hope it is not too bright, but it is very simple.  I cannot wait to wear it!  I am so happy that I bought the dress ahead of time because I hear too many people that are struggling.  However, if you are graduation next year: DO SHOP EARLY.  I mean about a month before, because two weeks before will only give you a dress that you like, but NOT love.

My boyfriend who will be joining me on the 8th was also debating on what to wear!  If there are any guys that have any ideas, let me know down below!  I want to hear feedback, please. 🙂 ttyl!

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