Alright, so I know summer is not here yet. Honestly, it does not feel like summer at all with this recent weather we’ve been having. But as a Chicago native, I shouldn’t be so surprised with the crazy weather. Anyways, in preparation for the summer, I have planned everything out day by day.
As I have mentioned before, I will take a summer course over the summer from the last week of June to the beginning week of August. In addition, I plan to continue to volunteer at the hospital on a weekly basis in the patient care unit. To lighten up my summer, my family usually sets aside a weekend in the summer to go up to Wisconsin Dells to have a little fun at the water parks. Personally, this is one the best times my intermediate family comes together and enjoy each other’s company.
Also, in the beginning of August, I plan to go on a 3-day retreat in Missouri called Marian Days. I love this retreat and have been attending it since 2011. Almost 100,000 Catholic Vietnamese from all around the world come to celebrate their faith and experience their culture on a whole new level. It simply is amazing. Everyday, there are so many activities people can do and at nighttime, the famous bands and artists play awesome music. This the only place that I know where there are at least 5 people who look exactly like me within a 10 foot radius of wherever I am…..I’m not kidding.

I am somewhere in this picture….try to find me.



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