Study Spots: Mundelien

Study Spots: Mundelien

Happy Dead week, everyone!

If you’re reading this you’re probably procrastinating very very very hard, and to be quite honest I don’t blame you. This week is stressful and not fun for anyone, including your professors.

While everyone is preparing for finals, one thing that I really have found an issue is the lack of places to study. People are coming out of the woodwork, and even the places that are usually empty are packed full. It’s not a huge surprise, as this apparently is a trend that starts around this time, but it can be frustrating.

One of the places that I’ve found really good for studying, however, is Mundelien. It has Palm Court, which granted won’t have as much space due to the weather not allowing patio use, that includes a study area or a place for you to zone out and relax while looking at Loyola’s gorgeous campus. Additionally, it has a lot of empty classrooms that you can study in. throughout next week, classrooms will be available, however if a class starts to come in, you obviously must leave and find different space.

Additionally, it has a cafe on the first level that you can go to and get snacks, sushi, and refreshments at. Across from the cafe, there is a room filled with comfy chairs and sofas for you to zone out in.


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