Places On And Around Campus To Enjoy The Weather

Places On And Around Campus To Enjoy The Weather

With the weather finally warming up, many students are taking their studies outside to enjoy it! In this post, I will be discussing all of the places on campus best for enjoying the nice warm weather, whether it be for studying or just relaxing and having fun!

First, the most obvious place on campus to enjoy the nice weather would be one of the two quads! These green spaces are wonderful for studying, relaxing, playing games, tossing Frisbees, or maybe having a picnic! There is plenty of space on each quad for many people to stay comfortably. I passed by the east quad earlier and saw a lot of students taking advantage of this wonderful outdoor study/recreation area that Loyola offers to us!

Another great place to study or hang out outdoors is by the IC right next to the lake. Here, students can sit outside along the ledge overlooking the lake and study or relax for a bit! It is the perfect quiet and serene location for hard studying, without having to be cramped up indoors on a nice day!

If you’re looking to get off campus to enjoy the nice weather, I’d recommend checking out the beach area near Loyola! The sand is nice, and in the summertime the lake is warm and swimmable! The beach area is perfect for sitting in the sun, having a picnic, or going for a nice walk. If you walk down to the left while on the beach, you can reach the pier! The pier offers wonderful views of Loyola’s Lake Shore campus as well as the skyline of Chicago! The pier is definitely one of my favorite locations near Loyola, and I love going there to enjoy the nice weather!

Further on passed the pier is a little grassy area/park! Here people can jog, walk, ride bikes, hang out, picnic, pet dogs, and much more! I visited this area for the first time yesterday (my first time venturing passed the pier!) It was really nice!

Ultimately, there are wonderful places on and around campus perfect for enjoying the nice spring weather we’ve been having! So next time you have to study for a big test but it’s beautiful outside, try taking your studies out with you! You can take advantage of the lovely study/recreation spaces while following up on your studies and enjoying the weather!

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