Move Out Prep

Move Out Prep

There is less than a month until the last day of finals.
I repeat:

Now, as exciting as this is, that means move out is upon us. I know that this shouldn’t make me nervous and freak me out, however let me tell ya…living in Chicago has really awoken the shopper in me. I didn’t realize it until now, but I have so. much. stuff. Moving in at Loyola was almost a flawless process, but moving out will be less so–not everyone has designated times they need to move out at, although technically it’s 24 hours after your last final.

As an out-of-stater, move out plans are a little tricker. My family knew that they wouldn’t be able to get everything (fridge, microwave, coffee pot, etc) out of my dorm room and back home to Nebraska in one foul swoop.┬áThat being said, there are many different options to accommodate those of us who don’t have the desire to drive half of a kitchen back home for 4 months.

Located right next door to the mailroom, there is a storage facility called Uncle Bob’s storage. You are more than welcome to store your belongings there until the next semester starts. Otherwise, you may have a service ship your items home, or you may start to bring items home little at a time.

Personally, my family is taking a trip up here for a weekend, taking a great majority of my stuff back home with them, and then I’ll probably end up living out of a suitcase or two for the last weeks of school.

Whatever works for you the best is what you should do–but now is the time to start thinking about it!

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