Spots in the outdoors on Campus!

Spots in the outdoors on Campus!

Hi everyone! So with the weather get nicer, I wanted to share some of my favorite outdoor spots on campus which are perfect for just lounging around and getting some school work done. The grass is not green yet, but soon with the weather warming up, rain, and plenty of sunshine, the grass will be a wonderfully lush and green!

Madonna Della Strada courtyard area – Located facing the lake with a half circle to sit around. Get place to catch the lake’s breeze and just to relax. Bonus: This is an amazing spot for pictures on campus!





IC – Located right in front of the IC and facing the lake, this space is a continuation of the half circle in front of Madonna Della Strada. It can get quite windy here, but lots of students just sit on the edge and chat here. I have even seen some lay on the ledge and take naps! Only for the brave of course 😉


The Quad – SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES! I love this spot. There are trees to sit under and also an open area for sports. This space is so large that students can do homework, play sports, take a nap, or just sit and chat without running into each other’s space. People often bring their dogs here to run around as well. Who doesn’t like dogs?!?!


Space in between Madonna Della Strada and Coffee Hall – This is a smaller space which often does not receive much student traffic and that is why it is perfect. This is my favorite space. Facing the lake, it is a small hill that slopes slightly downwards. Since it is more of a quiet spot, there is always peace and quiet for homework. The lake just makes everything calmer and makes struggling through Organic Chemistry homework much easier!


(I apologize for the brownness of these photos, but I promise that these spaces are so lovely when the green grass grows in and there are flowers!)

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