A Visit To The Field Museum

A Visit To The Field Museum

I apologize in advance, but this is another museum post! I know I have been blogging a lot lately about the Chicago museums, but being from out of town, this is my first time experiencing all of them and I think they are wonderful! So, this week I’m going to post about my first visit to The Field Museum!

I have been personally looking forward to visiting The Field Museum most of all, and last Sunday I finally was able to make it downtown to visit! Wanting to go into Anthropology and/or Archaeology, this museum was perfect for me. There were so many different exhibits on many different topics! Some of the exhibits that my friend Abbey and I saw were an exhibit on early civilizations, gemstones, plants, and my personal favorite, the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptian exhibit was created to look like you are entering a tomb of a pharaoh. You enter and see many different compartments used to hold treasures and hieroglyphic writings on the walls. The exhibit continues down some stairs, into where the resting place of the pharaoh would have been. Here, there were actual mummies that visitors could see for themselves! This was a really cool thing to see, for me at least. The exhibit also displayed how life would have been for the Ancient Egyptians based on surviving and gathering food and such. There even were some mummified animals and a throne of the cat goddess on display. If you are at all interested in Ancient Egyptian life, I’d highly recommend going to see this amazing exhibit!

In addition to the awesome exhibits, we also made sure to stop and say hi to Sue, the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the main entrance area! I’d say this was also one of my favorite things, and it’s a must do for all visitors to say hi to Sue!

The Field Museum is free for Illinois residents and students for the entire month of February with an ID. Be sure to make your way down to the museum if interested to take part in this excellent deal! I might even go again! ☺


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