My First Career Fair

My First Career Fair

As a senior, approaching graduation (rather quickly!), the past couple of weeks have been full of many “firsts”. While this may be slightly surprising, since you’re probably thinking that by this time in college, I would have experienced it all… I can easily say that is simply not true.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten a glimpse of what my future profession options will look like. I have been given opportunities where I was able to network with professionals in my field of study (thanks to the Career Development Center!) and more recently, I went to my first career fair. This fair for me was definitely intimidating- but more than anything beneficial! I was able to connect with great companies and learn more about companies that I hadn’t known about. While I struggled a little bit going up to a random stranger and telling them about myself, I found that I feel more confident in doing just that! The one thing I do wish, though, is that I had taken advantage of these fairs early on in my college career. It would have definitely been helpful if I had experienced this quick “networking” my freshman year, even though I wasn’t looking for a job!

I’m officially on the hunt for a job, and I’m 100% glad that the Career Center holds events like the career fair to help me prepare myself for this journey! My advice to you, is to take advantage of all career fairs and internship fairs (even if you don’t really need a job/internship)! It’s fantastic networking experience, and you never know- you might learn about an organization that really interests you along the way!



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