The Career Center!

The Career Center!

Hi there! Today I wanted to share with you a resource on campus that I’ve found so useful in the last couple of months and this is the Career Center!

The Career Center is probably one of the most useful resources you could find on campus! This is the one stop destination to help you figure out what you want to study, where you want to work, how to create the perfect resume and even how to successfully interview for a job!

I’ve used the Career center for pretty much all of the above, and I can definitely say that I have gotten so much out of these services. Not only do I feel more confident in my ability to successfully navigate a career fair and interview, but also know that my resume is pretty awesome! (Both of which, are a GREAT feeling- trust me!)

For all of you out there, who have never ventured to a career center, and may think that this place has nothing to offer you, I recommend that you take a trip to this wonderful place 🙂 I promise you will leave with a few tips and tricks that will make you a successful student and job applicant!


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