Hello, everyone! I know that I am late on this, but let’s just get to the point: how amazingly, delicious is Protein Bar?  I am from the suburbs, and I NEVER knew it existed.  It wasn’t until recently that I found myself walking down Dearborn that I came across it.  Since I am trying to eat healthier, and I had forgotten to pack my lunch, I had limited food places I could go.  Luckily, my internship allowed me to get a 45 minute break in which I got to devour this delicious, yet healthy, bowl.  It consists of spinach, quinoa, black beans, flex seeds, and pesto chicken.  It almost tasted like a Chipotle bowl, but the healthier version.  I really, really, really want to try their salad next time I go; they come in a cute, large bowl!  I loved this place because it gives you the amount of carbohydrate, protein and fiber in each order.  This made it so easy for my daily track of protein and carbs!  Whether you are trying to eat healthy or not, you need to try this place out!  So far, I have only tried this bowl and the original burrito and that was as delicious!  The burrito was made with whole wheat grain, and I was stuffed.  I have to admit that I’m going to purposely forget my lunch on the days I go to my internship because this is so good.  This is also a great alternative for some late night studying snack! Yummmmm.

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